Jazz singer releases new single to help allergy sufferers

 Jazz singer Claudia Morris knows only too well how allergies can affect a family as her 18 year old daughter Anouska has multiple food allergies and her 16 year old son, Oscar has both asthma and eczema.

Some ten years ago Claudia created the first commercially successful allergy-free cake that went on sale in supermarkets throughout the country and was awarded best product by the British Vegetarian Society. Claudia received hundreds of letters from delighted parents and children who could enjoy eating chocolate cake for the first time.

With her personal experience of allergic conditions, Claudia is extremely passionate about making a difference to allergy sufferers and is releasing a beautiful new recording, called ‘Light up My Life’ in conjunction with Allergy UK. ‘Light up My Life’ showcases Claudia’s beautiful vocals and is an uplifting track with a powerful message. This single takes Claudia’s sound in a new direction; it’s a laid back pop track full of inspiration. ‘Delightful’ a second track featured on the single is equally enchanting.

Allergy UK is the country’s leading medical charity dealing with allergies and Claudia is supporting the charity by donating the proceeds from ‘Light up my Life’ to help raise awareness for a condition that is so close to her heart. The money raised will help other allergy sufferers and their families deal with what can be life-changing conditions.

To see the video for ‘Light up My Life’ click here   and for more information, visit www.claudiamorris-music.com