Onwards and Upwards

 I am just back from a wonderful week, walking in the Alpujarras Mountains in Southern Spain. Not only am I feeling fighting fit, after such vigorous exercise, but I am feeling in good mental shape to face the onslaught of chemo that starts in a couple of days.

Walking around 10 kms a day, up and down fairly steep inclines was quite taxing but it was reassuring to find out how fit I actually am. The group we walked with were a very athletic bunch but I was easily able to keep up. In fact, from day two onwards it was my husband who found he couldn’t cope with the steep climbs and high altitude and I left him reclining on a sun lounger around the pool while I did my daily dash up the mountains.

The best bit was spending the week getting to know a new group of people who had no idea that I was just about to begin a six-month course of cancer treatment. So for the first time in ages, the conversation had absolutely nothing to do with my diagnosis and I could focus on something outside of myself. And with such amazing breathtaking scenery it really did make me appreciate just being alive.

So it was a week of good food, hearty exercise, fine wine and living in the present moment. The first time I allowed myself to think about the upcoming chemo was when we landed at a very grey Gatwick airport. But now I feel ready for anything so it’s onwards and upwards.