My cancer needs a secretary

I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but since my cancer diagnosis I have become busier than ever. There are numerous appointments to be made – dentists, hairdressers and wig shops  -  as well as the endless round of hospital visits. There’s research to be done on treatments and diet, numerous phone calls to be answered from friends and family and thank you letters to write for all the lovely flowers and cards I have received. And that’s before we even begin to sort out the insurance company bills. I can’t cope! My Cancer needs a secretary.

Talking of insurance companies, I think it’s time I put in a good word for BUPA.  The young lady I initially asked for treatment authorisation after my diagnosis certainly didn’t inspire confidence and didn’t deserve any marks for sensitivity when she asked bluntly ‘Is it malignant then?’. When I replied that it probably was, although even my rather candid surgeon hadn’t used the M word, she went into panic mode.

 ‘I can’t deal with you then’, she blurted out. ‘You need oncology’ I winced slightly as I am still having a bit of trouble dealing with the word oncology but things then improved dramatically.  Although they are inclined to talk to me in the soft tones usually reserved for the recently bereaved, there is no doubt that everyone on the oncology team is very aware of my sensitivity and does their utmost to make the administration a smooth and stress free process. What’s more, I am usually dealing with people with nursing and medical experience who understand the clinical procedures we are talking about.

Have to say, the treatment I have received has been worth every penny of the insurance premiums I used to whinge about and I will always be so grateful that I didn’t go ahead to cancel the policy when it came up for renewal just before my diagnosis. Although I have mentioned this in an earlier blog, I would remind anyone who is thinking about cancelling their private health insurance because it is too expensive, to ask for a more competitive quote. When I did this, BUPA came back with something drastically cheaper which has had no effect on the level of treatment.