Orangina is 75

The iconic French drink is aging gracefully

I was recently at an event celebrating the 75th birthday of Orangina, the French fruit drink served in the icon bulby bottle. The drink is made from a mix for four citrus fruits – oranges, lemons, grapefruit and mandarin. French entrepreneur Léon Beton founded Orangina in 1936, with the dream that ‘people should be able to enjoy the taste of oranges everywhere, the whole year through’.

I learnt that giving the bottle a gentle shake wakes up the flavour of the drink inside. Once open you can enjoy on its own or use it as a refreshing base for a summer cocktail.

Apart from Orangina the other star at the celebrations was French chef Jean Christophe Novelli. He had prepared a number dishes like Duck a L’Orangina and Smoked Salmon Orangina Terrine to show just how powerful the orange taste is in Orangina and how well it goes with food.

Orangina became famous for its innovative advertising with the first Orangina advertisement created by Bernard Villemot – a poster showing a sunshade made from an orange peel against a blue background – in 1953, laying the foundation for future communication and cementing the brand’s originality.

From the mid-1930s up until his death in 1989, Bernard Villemot was one of France’s most illustrious poster artists. His bold strokes, vivid colors and trademark shapely girls came from his working theory that a good poster must be a telegram, and he fully lived up to that mantra, dispatching vibrant messages with clarity and wit. Never was this clearer than in his collection of infamous Orangina advertising posters.

Orangina is celebrating its 75th anniversary by awarding one lucky fan the greatest French holiday imaginable – their very own Grand Tour of France – worth up to £20,000.

Endorsed by FranceGuide.com – the official website of the French Government Tourist Office – this trip of a lifetime for two will take you wherever you want to go, from glamorous yachts on the Riviera to beautiful Chateaux in the Loire, rustic bistros in the Alps to cosmopolitan cafés in Paris.

To truly discover the essence of what makes the world-famous Orangina so fantastically French you can win the chance to visit the country which has provided the spirit behind the famous bulby bottle and Orangina’s fabulously light bubbles.

All you have to do to enter is buy a limited edition promotional bottle of Orangina – the promotion runs on 500ml and 2L Orangina bottles – and enter the code on Orangina’s brand new website. Simply log onto www.orangina75.co.uk to start your French adventure!

Orangina UK has also launched a new interactive Facebook fan page in celebration of the brand’s 75th anniversary. The page offers fans the chance to enter fantastic competitions, gives them access to cocktail recipes and includes a link through the brand’s ‘Grand Tour of France’ competition.