The Donald Russell Christmas Party Box

Peter Morrell kicks off the Christmas party season with some luxury food

People’s diaries are always so packed in December that it is difficult to get everyone together for a pre-Christmas event. The way around this is to start the celebrations early, not only are friends available but they are still bright eyed and bushy tailed at the beginning of the festive season.

So for the third year running I hosted a small party of eight on the last Sunday lunchtime in November. As always, with a very busy life, finding the time to organise the food always seems to be a problem for both me and my wife. But this year a Donald Russell Christmas Party box rode to the rescue.

I had the box delivered with the contents ready frozen about a week before the event so was able to put them in the freezer ready for the big day. Only some of the items needed de-frosting so the preparation was a cinch.

The box is designed to serve 8 people and does this with ease. There were some very tempting goodies for people to tuck in to, 10 mini croissants, filled with smoked ham they were very popular as were the 16 mini artisan sausage rolls. These were packed with high quality pork surrounded by light, flaky pastry.

I decided to combine the 24 beef meatballs and 8 mini steak burgers, which were both made from quality meat, and let my guests assemble their own ‘sliders’. These are mini hamburgers made with a small roll and a selection of relishs and American mustard. They were fun to make and proved to be great hit.

The last two items in the box were 16 pork chipolatas and 8 mini fish cakes, a sweet chilli dipping sauce was ideal for these. The chipolatas are hand made from the same freedom pork shoulder as the sausage rolls, and the mini fish cakes combine haddock, both smoked and unsmoked with salmon and crispy Panko breadcrumbs to make a satisfying party treat.

This was a good selection of six delicious party favourites, everyone enjoyed them, and for me buying and preparing the food was quick and simple. The other major bonus was the fact that the Party Box is currently on special offer, down from a regular price of £47.90 to just £34. So the per head price works out at a shade over £4 which is great value for food of this quality.

You can order the party box or a larger version with scallops, mussels and salmon and a whole range of other Christmas fare including turkey, beef, smoked salmon and pudding, packaged up as whole meals for 2 to 8 people, direct from Donald Russell.

So why not treat your friends this year or your family on Christmas day with a package of Donald Russell food, I can thoroughly recommend it?

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