Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin

From the distillers who were first on the market with this festive special

This is a really ginny drink – it’s not sticky or sugary, like a liqueur, so it’s perfect for giving classic cocktails a Christmassy spin. Master Bartender Brian Silva uses it for a delicious cocktail at Rules Restaurant, Aunt Nellie’s Tipple (you’ll understand why it’s called that very soon!), and last year it was used to make a Christmas Negroni. It’s also great in a Martini or Martinez – in fact any classic cocktail or G&T. It’s also very nice topped up with ginger ale or beer, whichever is your preference, or Fever-Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale. Or if you want to keep it really simple, serve straight out of the freezer as a shot after Christmas lunch if you’re too full for pudding!

It’s made, not by simply distilling Christmassy botanicals, but by distilling whole Christmas puddings made according to Sacred’s owner Ian’s Great Aunt Nellie’s recipe (hence Aunt Nellie’s Tipple!), a copy of which, as painstakingly written into the family recipe book, can be found on the back label. Originally it was made with a huge 30lbs (or 14 kilos) of Christmas puddings, steamed for 8 hours (apparently the whole street smelt amazing!) and they were then macerated with English grain spirit for 2 months and redistilled.

Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin is available from with an RRP £33.95