Italian Foodie Festive Gifts for Friends and Family

Available exclusively from to suit every pocket

Whose eyes don’t light up when they spot something delectable under the tree (even if they’ve bought it for themselves)? Find a sumptuous selection of gorgeous gourmet gifts at different prices to suit every pocket, available exclusively from direct to your door.

Gifts under £15

Giandujotti Chocolates by D Barbero (150g £10)
Made with soft gianduja paste – using the finest Piedmont hazelnuts and chocolate – these traditional, smooth chocolates from the North West of Italy are intensely nutty with an intoxicating aroma. There’s no wrong time for good chocolate. Giandujotti are delicious after dinner and equally as satisfying with a glass of Champagne on Christmas morning!

Olio Weekend Triple Gift Pack by Lamantea (3 x 60ml £11)
All Italian dishes are enhanced by the addition of extra virgin olive oil. The Olio Weekend gift pack includes three exquisitely flavoured oils; Basil, Lemon and Chilli. Drizzle the lemon over seafood, add the basil to pasta and the chilli to pizza and sauces. Bellissimo!

Le Rustichelle Egg Pasta by Rustichella d’Abruzzo (500g £12)
We could fill a book with facts about the classic pasta shape from Abruzzo. But the short story is: it’s named after the guitar-like instrument used to cut the dough. The result is a long pasta, similar to spaghetti, with a firm texture and a remarkable ability to hold your favourite sauce. Rustichella d’Abruzzo are the undisputed champions of the variety, presented in a beautiful tube which everyone will want to keep and recycle (pencil case anyone?).

Pastiglie Leone Carousel Fruit Jellies (150g £12.50)
Pastiglie Leone has been making their range of artisan chocolates, candies, jellies and liquorice to traditional recipes since 1857. The secret to the intense flavour of the individually wrapped soft Leone jellies is the high concentration of fruit pulp, fruit juice and essentials oils. Presented in a round tin decorated in soft pastels and hand-illustrated in gold, it’s a truly original gift.


Gluten Free Panettone by Vergani (750g £15)
No-one has to miss out on this Italian classic at Christmas. Panettone is a rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit and butter. The word derives from the Italian word “panetto”, a small loaf cake and dates back to the Roman Empire when ancient Romans sweetened a type of leavened cake with honey. Packed with raisins and candied orange peel, this Gluten Free version is perfectly fragrant, moist and delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy. Simply cut into generous pieces and share, or just treat yourself – with a glass of white or rosé Moscato or anything chilled and sparkling.

Vegan Panettone by Vergani (750g £15)
Vegan or not, there’s no need to miss out on a Christmas classic! Enriched with candied orange peel it’s fragrant, moist and moreish. Give as a gift or serve up to guests over Christmas with a chilled glass of Moscato.

White Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil by Inaudi (100ml £17.50)
White truffles are a true delicacy. The robust, pungent aroma and subtle flavour can turn traditional festive dishes into a gourmet taste experience. Just a few drops take mashed potato, soups and turkey stuffing to a new level. The oil also pairs beautifully with mushrooms to create an indulgent risotto and a snack of parmesan and white truffle oil fries is a bountiful treat for Boxing Day.


Manicardi Deluxe Balsamic Dressings Triple Pack (3 x 300ml £25)
The Manicardi Balsamic Vinegar Dressings Triple Pack includes three different densities of their famous, traditional balsamic vinegar which, due to the high content of the sweet ‘must’, has a lower acidity than other Balsamic vinegars and delivers a much smoother flavour. Presented in elegant, unique glass bottles, each brings its own character when drizzled over cooked or cured meats, grilled fish, chicken or dotted over fresh fruits and berries with ice cream. Epicurean friends will be ecstatic.


Ranieri Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jeroboam by Ranieri (3L £80)
Cold-pressed from traditional Umbrian olive varieties including Frantoio and Leccino, both the flavour and aroma is exquisite. Of course, you can cook with it – remember the adage ‘always use the best ingredients you can afford’ – but this EVOO lends itself to being drizzled and dipped. Gift it to an exceedingly good friend or family member or get it for yourself to enjoy in so many ways, every day.

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