Boxfood – Meat, Fruit and Vegetables delivered to your door

Peter Morrell discovers an excellent source of high quality, good value, essential foods

Essential Veg Box - Image (c) Boxfood


My wife and I have now been in isolation for over three weeks and although we had a good stock of food it wasn’t going to last us for 3 months. Our very kind daughters, who don’t live at home, have been keeping us topped up but sending them out for our food increases the risk of them getting Covid 19.

So we quickly had to find an alternative source for our meat, fruit and vegetables. A chance comment during a Zoom call with a group of friends gave us the clue. He had just received a meat order from Boxfood.

A quick Google search soon had me on, the good news was that they delivered within the M25, and in Essex and Hertfordshire, so living in London was ideal. As their name implies their service is based on boxes. My three priorities were meat, vegetables and fruit. A wide selection of meat boxes were on offer ranging from the £89.95 Grand Meat Feast Box to the £19.95 Value Meat box. I chose the mid-range Essentials Meat Box featuring 1kg of Minced Beef, 1kg of Diced Chicken Thigh, 2kg of Cumberland Sausages, 8 Beef Burgers, a large pack of Back Bacon and 4 Pork Chops all for the very reasonable price of £39.95.

I also ordered the £15.70 Essential Veg Box with onions, potatoes, a swede, leeks and a lot more and the £16.70 Super Fruit Bowl feature the likes of grapes, bananas, apples and blueberries.

Two days later my order, with contactless delivery arrived. I have now tried all the products and they are very good quality. My wife and I have been impressed with the flavours, particularly the beef burgers and sausages.

Here are just a few of the things we have cooked so far – a spaghetti bolognese, sausages served with colcannon (a posh bubble and squeak) and made with potato, onion, cabbage and bacon (all from the boxes), a chicken and leek pie and a chicken curry.

I’ve since been back on the Boxfood site and noticed that they have extended the range to include Fish Boxes, an Artisan Cheese Box and a Pantry Box.

Boxfood has been the ideal solution for us, and with another 9 weeks of isolation ahead of us we will definitely be ordering more.

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