Villa Maria premieres ‘VINTAGE’ in London ahead of Amazon Prime release

Villa Maria has premiered ‘Vintage,’ the first-of-its-kind feature-length documentary that provides an insight into the incredible highs and heartbreaking lows of making world-class wine

The team behind New Zealand’s Most Admired Wine Brand welcomed an audience of 200 at London’s May Fair Hotel for the first UK screening of the film, billed as essential viewing for wine enthusiasts around the world.

Launching on Amazon Prime on 27th February 2020, Vintage explores the challenges, skill and dedication required to bring a wine vintage from grape to bottle.

Showcasing the personal sacrifice required during the gruelling harvest period, the first-hand experiences of winemakers and viticulturists Stu Dudley, Nick Picone, Jess Marston and Ollie Powrie transcend the vineyard and rolling New Zealand landscape to document the pursuit of wine perfection.

Stu Dudley, Viticulturist at Villa Maria, commented: “Vintage is about so much more than wine. This documentary truly encapsulates, for the first time, the mighty undertaking, long hours, passionate people and remarkable skill behind quality New Zealand wine. It gives a voice to a fascinating group of wine specialists and gives wine lovers a new perspective behind their favourite wines.

New Zealand is an extraordinary country and we are delighted that Vintage will give people a chance to learn more about the way of life, culture and wine that make it so special.”

Oz Clarke MBE, author and wine expert, added: “Vintage is a tremendous watch. New Zealand’s vineyards have rarely looked more alluring. The winery processes seem challenging and intriguing and are explained in an easy, lucid style, and the bunch of local Kiwis and foreign drop-ins the director has assembled to talk us through the 40 days from picking the first grape to closing down the final vat, are an engaging crew who tell us really interesting, personal stuff. The photographic direction is exciting, unpredictable and electric.”

Vintage is due to premiere in Bulgaria today (20th February) and then New York (26th February). The hour-long feature film is scheduled for release on Amazon Prime on 27th February 2020.