Spread raucous joy this Christmas with new Pogues Single Malt

Just in time for Christmas and in a festive bright red bottle, The Pogues Single Malt Irish Whiskey has just been launched

An ideal gift for adventurous whiskey lovers the world over, The Pogues Single Malt is an Irish rebel packing fine flavours whilst being a perfect whiskey for mixing and sharing with friends this Christmas.

It’s triple distilled and matured in bourbon barrels to create a mellow single malt with hints of Parma violets, caramel brittle and chocolate-covered peanuts. On the palate, you’ll get a small amount of woody spice and cinnamon followed by chocolate-covered peanuts and sesame snaps, nougat and marshmallows.

Andy Wallace, Global Dark Spirits Manager at Halewood Wines & Spirits says: “The new single malt pays tribute to The Pogues – a band best-known for doing things their way and creating a completely new style. The single malt is all about this. It’s not conformist. It’s an Irish single malt that doesn’t need to be drunk in an armchair or on a hillside with a crumbling castle in the background.

Peter Morrell Editor comments “I tried the Pogues single malt recently and it was excellent. The first striking feature is the bottle, with its stylish electric red colour. Moving onto the bottle’s content the nose has delightful floral notes with predominant aromas of violets and lavender.

On the palate, there is a good show of spices from the bourbon barrel ageing combined with peanut butter and caramel flavours. The persistent finish had strong tones of toffee and cinnamon. In all a powerful and satisfying Irish single malt.

Whiskey lovers can now buy the new Pogues Single Malt on Next Online, and it is also available on Amazon, Ocado, The Drop store and Whiskey specialist websites. The Pogues Single Malt’s RSP is £25 for a 700ml bottle, 40% ABV and is as versatile as whiskey comes – great as a base for drinks such as the stout Irish Coffee and classically mixed with Ginger Ale, as well as tasting great on the rocks. The Pogues Single Malt Irish Whiskey is distilled in Cork, Ireland. Made in small batches, using copper stills it is then matured in Bourbon oak barrels.

The Pogues Single Malt Irish Whiskey is the second whiskey paying tribute to the legendary band, following the success of the blended The Pogues Irish Whiskey.