Ginking – Festive Fizz with a Twist

This Christmas, shake things up and make new traditions by celebrating the upcoming festivities with a glass of Ginking

The ready-made delicious and fresh botanically infused fizz, which can be enjoyed, served alongside an array of mouthwatering canapés, a delicious festive feast or to welcome in the New Year.

Bubbly and delectably light, Ginking is a well balanced pioneering recipe of wine and herbal juniper-led London Dry Gin. A harmonious blend of flavours, created to impress sparkling wine and G&T lovers alike.

Ginking’s versatile qualities mean it can be appreciated in a Champagne flute or over ice with rosemary or a citrus peel garnish.

Available in four different styles, including the Ginking Original White 8.5% and Ginking Original Rosé 8.5%, that can both be purchased at Marks and Spencer with an RRP: £12.99. The Ginking range promises to offer delightfully crisp and aromatic tastes. With only 8.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), this captivating easy-to-serve fizz will also appeal to those wishing for more mindful celebrations during the colder months.

The Ginking Botanical Italia 8.5% style is available nationwide at the large grocer Morrisons for an RRP of £9.99 and has herbal hints followed by memorable lingering flavours of clove, bitter orange, angostura bark, and gentian root. Its wintery aroma and tastes exude Christmas spirit.

The Ginking Mediterranean 8.5% (RRP £9.99, Tesco) has heady aromas of rosemary, thyme and pine, underpinned with fresh notes of citrus, with a delightful fizzy finish. This Ginking style can be appreciated on its own or alongside Christmas favourites such as roast lamb and smoked salmon.

With its mix of the traditional and modern in both packaging and style, Ginking is an impressive one-of-a-kind bubbly that will not disappoint this winter.

Peter Morrell, Editor comments “I have recently tried the Ginking Botanical Italia. As well as the hallmark juniper taste of the London dry gin, it’s an intriguing mix of warming spices, ideal for the festive season, underpinned with a bright and refreshing character that will put you in the party mood. Another attractive feature of this sophisticated drink is that it weighs in at a reasonable 8.5%. This means that you can enjoy the celebrations without paying with a hangover the next morning.”

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About Ginking

Founded in 2016 by Lord Worontschak and his wife Dr Hilary, who combined superb winemaking and distillation techniques to create a captivating fusion of flavours. Ginking has done more than refine old traditions: it has started new ones.

A masterful blend of wine delicately infused with London Dry Gin, Ginking is made in small batches. With a passion for harmoniously marrying flavours together, the team at Ginking uses their expertise to craft the perfect blend for each Ginking style by carefully sourcing and matching quality wine grapes to botanicals from the same region. The Ginking Original White 8.5% and Ginking Original Rosé 8.5% white wine grapes and botanicals come from England, The Ginking Botanical Italia 8.5% from Italy and the Ginking Mediterranean 8.5% from Spain.

Ginking’s grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness, and the wine is then made using a dry, crisp traditional white wine method. The London Dry Gin, distilled in partnership with The Gin Kitchen in Dorking is then blended with the water from an English source before it is bottled and packaged at Kingsland Winery in Manchester. Fresh, bubbly, and refreshingly light, Ginking is an authentic, innovative endeavour.