Eho Chef – Introducing The Online Foodie Marketplace Serving Quality Culinary Experiences

Find a Chef or Caterer in your area to deliver the restaurant experience in your own home

Striving to be the ideal host or hostess can be stressful, with one ear to the conversation, one eye on the hob, and another eye on who needs a glass top up! The ‘eat out at home’ online culinary marketplace – eho chef – offers hassle-free, affordable, bespoke culinary experiences from talented chefs and cooks to suit your preferences and requirements. All that you’re required to do is to relax and enjoy good times with your partner, friends, colleagues and family.

Using the sharing economy model and technical approach that has positively impacted hospitality, takeaway delivery, dog-sitting and finding a skilled workforce, eho chef aims to bring the expertise and creative flair of the culinary industry direct to food lovers.

Whether planning a romantic dinner for two, organising special celebrations such as festivities, birthdays or anniversaries, how much time is spent trying to find the perfect venue, service, food menu that caters for everyone? No more trawling through endless menu options!

Simply post your requirements on the eho chef platform with an easy to fill form which caters for a diverse range of cuisines and dietary requirements. The best matched chefs and cooks in your location are alerted to respond to your post with their tailor-made responses for you to choose.

Each chef has their own profile which outlines their experience, speciality and previous testimonials and reviews from happy customers. Once an offer has been confirmed, both parties will communicate directly with each other through the platform and once the service has been delivered, payment is approved and made. Customers and chefs are also supported by knowledgeable customer service team with both restaurant and food industry experience.

For an added luxury touch, select the premium service package and you won’t have to face the dishes as your chef will start tidying up the kitchen after the last course is served.

Looking to say thank you or simply treat someone? Perhaps a new family who are too tired to cook, or someone who needs a little pampering? Vouchers are available on the site as an ideal gift.

The eho chef platform is the brainchild of entrepreneur and restaurateur Tetsuro Hama, who opened one of the first Japanese restaurants in London, Japanese Grill Room Hama in 1973 and Yakiniku Hama in 1976. He opened So Restaurant in 2006 and Sozai Japanese Cooking School in 2012. He recently launched luxury sushi and sake home dining experience ikisho in 2018.

Mr Hama has consistently championed London’s vibrant food scene over four decades, eho chef was originally created to build a community of food lovers, sharing their passion for quality food, creativity and connections. The eho chef re-launch will focus on London first and then roll out across the UK from 2020.

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