A Gluten-Free Porcine Revolution

Mr Trotter, that elegant pig, has launched a revolutionary new gluten-free porky snack.

MR TROTTER’S ‘SKINNY DIPS’ aims to take pork crackling to a whole new level with:

  • a new texture
  • a new shape
  • an even more bacon-like taste, and with
  • a pot of Bramley Apple sauce hidden in every bag.

Graham Jebb, a founder of Mr Trotter and champion of pork scratching gastronomy, comments:

MR TROTTER’S triple-cooking technique, which we launched in 2011, immediately set us apart from all of our competitors, and gave our pork cracklings a whole new texture and taste. Even now, no-one cooks pork rinds with the same un-rushed attention to detail as ourselves.

But we thought it was time to get ahead once more, and to let loose our inventive spirit with a whole new category to demonstrate the under-appreciated wonder of pork.

Mr Trotter’s SKINNY DIPS are our answer, a delicious strip of collar rind with the texture and shape to act as a crunchily edible spoon for the apple sauce. The combination is a wonder: And whereas scratchings taste of pork, SKINNY DIPS taste more like crispy bacon, making them the ultimate of modern snacks.

The snacks’ succulent dippability will take spooning to a new level.”

Skinny Dips remind me so much of the excitement I used to feel unwrapping the blue bags of salt in my crisp packs in the 1960’s,” comments Graham, “but in a very 21st century way.”

SKINNY DIPS will join Mr Trotter’s Original, English Mustard, Jalapeno Chilli, and Salt & Vinegar pork cracklings, and his three flavours of single-serve Sausalamis.