Microplane® makes Christmas grate!

Here are some grate gift ideas from Microplane® for food-loving friends and family this Christmas

Made in the USA, the signature Microplane® super sharp, long-lasting, photo-etched stainless steel blades, or teeth, effortlessly deliver superior results without ripping or tearing the ingredients while releasing natural aromas to enhance flavour.

Gourmet pals will be thrilled with this super-premium, exquisitely elegant Master Series Gift Set which includes the iconic long and slender Zester and the Extra Coarse Paddle Grater – a ‘steel’ at RRP £59.95. The beautiful utensils feature a chic and solid walnut wood handle and a stainless steel frame. Festive recipes such as Christmas cake and Christmas pudding, Yule logs and biscotti couldn’t be easier to make when using these blades.

The Gourmet Spice Set includes a stylish stainless steel Spice Mill and a sachet each of whole Spicebar Nutmeg and Long Black Pepper, RRP £29.95. The Spice Mill – which comes with a silicone cap to avoid mess when not in use – precisely grates Nutmeg to bring a subtle background lift to a creamed spinach, along with an endless list of soups, puddings and moreish gratins. And, of course, it fills the kitchen with the most wonderful sweet, woody aromas. Bliss.

The Spice Mill is also perfect for grating Long Black Pepper, originally from the Indonesian region, the spice has a spicy and slightly nutty sweet aroma which is a perfect addition to meat dishes, pasta, soups and strong sauces. This mill grates all spices, even the hardest, and the evenly grated texture of the spice is based on the amount of pressure used when twisting the top.

Spice up your dishes with the Gourmet Chilli Gift Set, which includes an elegant Chili Mill and a smart 30g storage tin of Spicebar Birds Eye Chillis, RRP £34.95. The Chili Mill effortlessly and evenly grates the chillies to release their essential oils which add oomph to a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes.

Initially launched without a handle as a woodworking tool, the iconic long, narrow, rasp-style design of the Microplane® Premium Classic Zester, RRP £19.95 now has an ergonomic soft-touch handle available in 13 colours including Night Blue. The latest addition – to celebrate 25 years of grating excellence – is NEW Coral Red, a trending colour for 2019 which Pantone describes as ‘an animated, life-affirming shade’.

The Premium Classic Zester is a long-lasting stainless steel blade – featuring 400 micro-teeth – to produce a high-performance grater perfect for all citrus fruits, parmesan and other hard cheese, chocolate, ginger, garlic and nutmeg. Anti-Scratch end caps protect the worktop, plate or board when grating horizontally and provide better stability when grating vertically over pans or bowls.

With no pressure, the food slides quickly and easily from the blade without tearing, shredding or blocking to produce perfect results every time. The protective case enables safe storage in a drawer.

While all Microplane® mills and graters are dishwasher safe (on the top rack), it is recommended to wash the blades by hand.

The Master Series Gift Set, Chili Mill Gift Set, Spice Mill Gift Set and Premium Classic Zester are available from hartsofstur.com