Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses for the Festive Season

Create the Perfect British Cheeseboard this Christmas

With over 700 types of cheese made in the UK why not make your cheeseboard British this Christmas. And when food decisions can make or break the festive frivolity you can rely on Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses to provide the perfect range of unique British cheeses. This year, step away from the classic cheeses that we see so often at Christmas and enjoy a cheeseboard that strikes the perfect balance of adventure and tradition.

Established in 1932 and based at their Lancashire farm, Butlers are well-versed in the art of cheesemaking. The family-run company who source all their milk from within 10 miles of the dairy, has worked for four generations to create an exciting range of boundary-pushing cheeses that show exactly what British cheese has to offer.

Blue cheese: Try swapping your classic Stilton for award-winning, show-stopping Blacksticks Blue– a contemporary farmhouse blue cheese. Surprisingly creamy and boasting a bright orange colour that looks stunning on a cheeseboard, Blacksticks Blue is the perfect way to add robustness and that classic blue flavour.

Hard cheese: Change up your Cheddar and pick Trotter Hill, a time-honoured hard Lancashire cheese with all the crumbly, buttery tang that you could want. Butlers use milk from family farms that have worked in Lancashire for over 100 years, crafting the perfect Lancashire cheese and giving you the confidence to try something new this Christmas.

Soft cheese: British soft cheeses can rival the best French nowadays so be brave and make the switch to Kidderton Ash– Butlers’ moreishly creamy, sumptuous goat’s cheese. Ticking off the soft and goat’s boxes in one, its delicate ash-covered rind and distinctive log shape makes for the ideal addition.

To round off the perfect cheeseboard Butlers have a couple of tips. Take your cheeses out of the fridge to come up to room temperature before eating, and don’t be afraid to push the pairings – offer ginger biscuits for Blacksticks Blue, tart piccalilli for the Trotter Hill and cranberry sauce for your Kidderton Ash to build on the cheeses’ honest flavours and really wow your guests this year.


Fast Facts
  • Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses are based at Wilson Fields Farm, Inglewhite, Preston, PR3 2LH
  • Founded in 1932
  • Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses can be found in Booths, Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer and independents across the UK.
  • The Farmhouse Lancashire range includes: Crumbly Lancashire, Mrs Butler’s Traditional Lancashire Cheese & Trotter Hill
  • The Blue Cheese Range includes: Blacksticks Blue, Beacon Blue and Stratford Blue
  • The Soft Cheese range includes: Button Mill, Ravens Oak, Kidderton Ash and Burland Bloom