Kelly Hoppen launches brand new podcast series, The Kelly Hoppen Show

Speaking to game-changing women about love, life, and business

Featuring guests including Jo Malone, Caroline Sciamma-Massenet, Amanda Berry, Dame Kelly Holmes, Amanda Wakeley & Melissa Odabash

Renowned interior designer, entrepreneur and TV personality Kelly Hoppen MBE is set to release “The Kelly Hoppen Show”, her brand new eponymous podcast series where she will interview a host of fearless and successful businesswomen, renowned in their industries.

With the first in the series set to air on 9th September, in each episode, Kelly sits down with a different notable female to dive deep into how they got to where they are now, charting their successes (and inevitable challenges), finding out not just how they got to where they are now, but how they felt along the way.

From the CEO of BAFTA, Amanda Berry who changed perceptions of the world-renowned awards, to one of Britain’s most revered athletes Dame Kelly Holmes’, Kelly is setting out to show people that regardless of appearances, we all have our own vulnerabilities and insecurities. This podcast aims to uncover what you might not have known about these famous faces, inspire people to reach for their goals, and prove that anything is possible.

Some outtakes include:

Melissa Odabash, swimwear designer, on quantifying success: “I don’t ever gauge anything on money, that’s not what drives me. For me, success is health, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have success. At the beginning, I was afraid of failure as no one believed in what I was doing, and I’m very proud, so I’ve never asked family for a penny and I’ve done it all on my own. Now I’m not afraid of failure because I’m like, been there, done that.

Caroline Sciamma-Massenet, founder of SKIIM, on carving out a new career: “When you come from my background, being a model, it’s very hard to be credible to people in fashion, the industry, in business. Doing leather, because it costs so much money, you can’t go wrong.”

Amanda Berry, CEO of BAFTA, on being comfortable in your own skin: “As you get older as a woman, you become more comfortable with who you are, and you also get to a stage where you think well, this is it, I’m not going to change now. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t new adventures and new things for you to do, but I think you just become more comfortable with who you are and I think that allows you to let more people in.

Podcast Publishing Schedule Dates
  • 10th Sept Kelly Hoppen chats to Melissa Odabash
  • 17th Sept Kelly Hoppen chats to Amanda Berry
  • 24th Sept Kelly Hoppen chats to Amanda Wakeley
  • 1st Oct Kelly Hoppen chats to Diana Kordas
  • 8th Oct Kelly Hoppen chats to Dame Kelly Holmes
  • 15th Oct Kelly Hoppen chats to Donna Ida
  • 22nd Oct Kelly Hoppen chats to Caroline Sciamma-Massanet
  • 29th Oct Kelly Hoppen chats to June Sarpong
  • 5th Nov Kelly Hoppen chats to Ruth Chapman
  • 12th Nov Kelly Hoppen chats to Janie Schaffer

The Kelly Hoppen show will be available to download on iTunes and Spotify.