New gins and vodkas to try this Autumn

Exciting new flavours from Whitley Neill and J.J Whitley

As the summer break draws to a close people are back from their holidays and socialising. Here are some new fruity plum, earthy cucumber, aromatic blackberry and refreshing raspberry premium gins and vodkas to get you in the party mood.

The versatile ranges from British distilled Whitley Neill and J.J Whitley are ideal for creating sharing cocktails as well as a G&T treat to yourself – you’ve earned it! These new flavours won’t fail to bring something different to your gin collection.

Whitley Neill Aloe & Cucumber Gin

Whitley Neill Aloe & Cucumber Gin is a luxurious handcrafted African infusion of fresh, green and earthy cucumber that’s been combined with succulent Karoo aloe to enhance its overall complexity. A smooth and fragrant yet well-balanced gin, it is perfect for sipping over ice and pairing with cocktails or G&Ts. Available from Amazon, 70cl (£27.93).

Peter Morrell, editor comments “I have been drinking the Whitley Neill’s new Aloe and Cucumber gin. It’s made with an impressive list of botanicals – Juniper, Coriander Seed, Cassia Bark, Orris Root, Angelica Root, Liquorice, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Karoo Aloe and Cucumber extract.

I tried this neat and found that the unique flavour of the Aloe combined well with the fresh taste of the cucumber. After a bright bouquet, it developed into an intriguing play of flavours on the palate with the Juniper showing through. The gin left a strong and persistent finish.

I then made a gin and tonic and this worked very well. Rather than garnish with lime or lemon, I topped it off with two slices of cucumber. It was a very refreshing drink.”

Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin

This is a truly exceptional gin that evokes the flavours of rural England and memories of creator Johnny Neill’s childhood. Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin tastes of fresh plump berries and offers hints of floral hedgerow. It has a smooth flavour, with a core of delicious, piney juniper followed by zesty sweet citrus and hints of wonderful black pepper. An earthy finish alongside the warming spice of cassia makes it ideal for cold and dark nights. Available from 70cl (£21 until 9 September 2019).

J.J Whitley Plum Gin

Delightfully flavoursome, J.J Whitley Plum Gin is the perfect autumnal gin and brilliantly versatile in a myriad of serves. This gin has a delicious fresh fruit nose with a hint of black pepper followed by sweet vanilla on the palate. A warming taste sensation, it is followed with fruity plum and piney juniper, then a finish of stone fruit, flowers, and spicy cracked pepper. Available at Amazon for £18.99 (70cl).

J.J Whitley Raspberry Vodka

Wonderfully versatile and deeply delicious, this new raspberry vodka from J.J Whitley is both rich and fruity. It offers an immediate raspberry note on the nose, ripe, rich berries on the palate and a smooth and sweet raspberry flavour that lingers on the finish. Available online at Master of Malt for £20.95 (70cl).

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