Maize Blaze Takeover Howling Hops Kitchen

Colombian street food heroes, Maize Blaze have taken up a temporary residency at the Howling Hops Tank Bar

From the end of July 2019, authentic Colombian street food specialists, Maize Blaze took over the kitchen of the Howling Hops Tank Bar.

This announcement couldn’t have come at a better time as on the 26th of July Howling Hops released a collaboration beer with Unity Brewing Co. Based in Southampton, Unity Brewing Co have joined forces with Howling Hops to create a hoppier version of Howling Hops’ house lager, called High & Dry. This beer will pair perfectly with the vibrant Maize Blaize menu, as it’s floral and fruity yet crisp and refreshing.

The Maize Blaze menu at the Tank Bar is designed for those with insatiable appetites. The Colombian Marching Box combines marinated chicken, sautéed potatoes and fried plantain with a secret Colombian sauce for the full Maize Blaze experience. If it’s a vegan option you are looking for, look no further than the near-legendary Lean Mean Vegan Machine; a vibrant combination of balsamic red cabbage, garlic rice and creamy guacamole as well as the sweet goodness of plantain and sautéed potatoes. The menu is entirely gluten-free, with all breads made in the traditional style using sunshine-bright corn instead of wheat.

To ensure the warm and welcoming Colombian spirit is also firmly on the menu are the team of passionate chefs. The Maize Blaze chefs not only bring each dish to life from scratch, but they also bring their creativity, passion, and integrity to everyone who crosses their threshold.

For more information about Maize Blaze, Howling Hops or Unity Brewing please visit the following websites:

About Maize Blaze
The Maize Blaze food and experience was developed in the heart of London’s dynamic street food scene, and quickly set the standard for contemporary Colombian cuisine in London.

Launched in Camden Lock in 2014 with a menu of fresh, authentic and ethically sourced produce, Maize Blaze soon established itself as a firm favourite in the area. In 2018 a pop-up was launched in Bristol, the first venue outside of London, and in 2019 plans to launch a second London restaurant are firmly underway.

Ruth Christianson
Ruth is the founder of Maize Blaze and the heart of the brand. She grew up in Bogota, Colombia and her early years were spent surrounded by the tropical flavours of Latin America.

She completed her culinary training in London, working at prestigious restaurants such as Coq D’Argent, The Orrery, Cantina Del Ponte and Pont de la Tour whilst also completing a Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie diploma.

About Howling Hops
Howling Hops brew bold, modern, uncompromised, flavoursome, generously hopped beers. All our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and suitable for vegans. We still stick to our early philosophy of ‘make some interesting beer’, although not every one is different these days. We have a core of 4 beers that we brew regularly, a couple of beers we brew seasonally and every 3 or 4 weeks we brew a different single batch beer.

We’re not particularly commercially minded as we sell a lot of our beer ‘in house’. We’d rather make bold interesting beer and try to have some fun along the way than make middle of the road commercial brews that appeal to everyone. There are other breweries that fill that gap and do it well.

About Unity Brewing Co
Launched in late 2016 by head brewer Jimmy Hatherley, Unity is a Southampton brewery committed to making flavourful and innovative beer. Our approach is founded on a creative ethos and a passion for soft, juicy IPAs and yeast-driven, seasonal, Belgian-style beers. Our brewing methods focus on elevating humble ingredients to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Always unfiltered, unfined and unpasteurised, our beers are natural, flavourful and vegan-friendly.