Gosnells, Mead-Makers of Peckham, are artistically buzzing

From June until September throughout the summer, Gosnells is partnering with Peckham architects Pricegore, to promote the latter’s deliciously exuberant Colour Palace, Dulwich Picture Gallery’s Pop-Up-Pavilion

The Colour Palace is a partnership between Dulwich Picture Gallery and the London Festival of Architecture. Designed by Pricegore with London-based artist Yinka Ilori, the Palace towers above the Gallery’s lawns, combining visual clues to both African and European cultures in a building that reflects the multicultural heritage of south east London.

…And the structure will be surrounded by Gosnells bee hives, painted bright yellow, blue and pink to harmonise with the pigments of the Colour Palace itself.

These “bee hive” mini-structures will create a link between design and engineering within the natural world (resulting in honey), and design and engineering within the architectural world, as exemplified by the Colour Palace beside them.

Mead-maker Tom Gosnell comments: “Although we are only playing a small role in this great enterprise, Gosnells doesn’t want to be merely a ‘sponsor’. We wanted to be part of the art itself and to really get involved. As the structure and its wooden slats remind me so much of the layered timber structure of my bees’ traditional homes, we commissioned three new hives to reflect this, all painted in bright colours to mirror the nerve-tingling beauty of the main Palace.

These hives will hopefully allow visiting children and older guests to understand the wonder of our ultimate hero, the honey bee:

  • The Pink hive will focus on how bees communicate, through dance, or through pheromones – a secretion that affects the behaviour or physiology of other bees. This will be demonstrated in an auditory and visual experience
  • The Yellow hive will look at different types of bees – drones, soldiers and queens – and how to recognise those differences through sight, language and sound (through a visual, linguistic and auditorial experience)
  • The Blue hive will explore the environment, and how bees are critical to all futures, and what bees eat – brought to life by hands-on activities

We are thrilled that Dulwich Picture Gallery wanted to work with another local company such as ourselves, and it is great timing as Gosnells are launching four new meads: a pink Hibiscus mead, a Hopped, a Sour and a ’Citra Sea’ of tarragon, lemon, salt and hops. We look forward to letting their guests get under the skin of mead.”

Internally, the Palace resembles a small theatre-in-the-round, and visitors can climb to a perimeter gantry, in the depths of the slender structure. The innovative timber structure is a feat of engineering, using just one small size of timber with all the joints on show revealing the craftsmanship and structural logic. This will be the pivot for a programme of thematic events throughout the summer. The Palace represents a riotous architectural fusion, blurring boundaries between cultural traditions, art and architecture.

The Colour Palace will act as a versatile public space that will be used throughout the summer by visitors of all ages for ‘Pavilion Lates’*, neon life drawing, supper clubs, storytelling and yoga.

The partnership of Dingle Price and Alex Gore with Yinka Ilori overcame fierce competition from a field of 150 entries to win a competition that was judged by a panel of leading architectural and cultural figures.

The final Late will take place on Friday 23rd August showcasing “The Age of Innovation. Gosnells Mead will be served on tap and the brand new Gosnells-in-can will also be available at Pavilion Lates