Luxury Valentine’s Day Cocktail Set

Looking for an original gift with a fruity twist for your significant other?

British Cassis, Herefordshire’s award-winning premium blackcurrant liqueur, has two luxury drinks sets which will warm the heart of your loved one.

Each trio is packaged in an elegant box and includes two 50ml miniature bottles of British Cassis – one to use as part of the cocktail set and the second to experiment with or to add to a glass of sparkling wine – alongside a premium rum or gin. The sets also include branded coasters and instructions to make an iconic cocktail: the British Bramble or a Blackcurrant Daiquiri.

In the gin set, gin lovers will discover Whittern Gin, a classic dry gin created specially to match the flavours of British Cassis. The spirit is juniper heavy with soft spices and hints of blackcurrant. It is made using classic botanicals including Coriander, Angelica, Lemon Peel, Cardamom, Cubeb, Blackcurrant and a hint of Caraway.

Aluna Coconut rum can be found in the rum set. It is made with all-natural toasted coconut, blended with rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean. Pure, sustainably sourced coconut water is added before bottling, giving a clean coconut flavour and a beautifully smooth mouthfeel, which perfectly accompany the aromas found in the liqueur.

Each set is £18 and available for purchase on: