Kellybronze Turkeys Dine in the Vines Exclusively for Harrods

Paul Kelly is thrilled to announce that a limited number of his grape fed KellyBronze turkeys will be available exclusively at Harrods this winter 2018

In recent years, record numbers of vines have been planted in the UK. Unfortunately, after the grapes are picked and harvested, about 5% of the crop is left on the ground as fallen fruit, which equates to approximately 500kg per acre. This gave Paul Kelly of KellyBronze turkeys an idea to do something a little bit different.

After feeding his turkeys bunches of grapes and seeing how much they enjoyed them, Paul decided to release a small flock of 200 KellyBronze birds to roam amongst the vines at Roundbush Farm. Two weeks later, after feasting on the fruit, the turkeys returned to their home on the family farm in Danbury, Essex. Since 1971, the KellyBronze farm has reared luxury turkeys for the Christmas season, loved by celebrity chefs and the public alike.

Grapes contain high levels of potassium which is needed for bone and muscle strength, and are also a great source of fibre for the turkeys, along with other vital vitamins, especially vitamins B and C.

Paul Kelly, Managing Director of KellyBronze, comments; “I felt there was a terrible amount of produce going to waste at the vineyards, so I had the idea to let a flock of our turkeys run under the vines to consume the leftover grapes, and it worked – they literally gobbled them up! I’ve come to recognise that when the turkeys love a certain type food, it’s a very good sign. It goes a long way towards their overall wellbeing and ultimately, the quality of the meat. This has been previously proven with the inclusion of certain oats in our turkey feed, which improves the fat and flavour of the birds.”

These limited number of KellyBronze turkeys are available now until stocks last exclusively from Harrods.

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