The Ultimate in Beer Subscriptions is here…

…and just in time for Christmas

New premium beer subscription service, DiscoverBrew, makes an ideal gift for beer lovers who want to discover the world’s best beer – all contained in a beautifully designed BrewBox, delivered to your door.

A luxury choice for beer subscription services, DiscoverBrew curates a selection of six hand-picked beers each month, each one specially selected from across hundreds of breweries around the world, for its character, taste and personality.

To enhance subscribers’ enjoyment there is a bespoke video from DiscoverBrew’s tasting expert Conor Stevens. Simply scan the QR code on the BrewBox with your smartphone camera for easy access to great videos covering background on the breweries, production methods, tasting notes and more.

Each BrewBox is also a thing of beauty in itself. Every month the box’s unique, often vintage beer-related, artwork changes to another striking, ‘cover star’ for subscribers to show off at home.

A DiscoverBrew subscription is the perfect gift for beer lovers and the beer curious as the DiscoverBrew boxes look as good as the beers taste, delivering great beer in real style with added beer enlightenment.

DiscoverBrew is priced £25.00 per month (plus £4.95 for UK mainland delivery). There is no minimum term for the subscription service and recipients are free to cancel at any time.

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