Chivas 18 creates the World’s Most Complicated Whisky Pouring Machine

Rube Goldberg-inspired machine unveiled in London

In a world obsessed with speed, shortcuts and instant gratification, Chivas has found a unique way to remind people that just like its 18 Year Old blend, some of the finest things in life require time, skill and craft. Today, Chivas 18 has unveiled what could be the world’s most complex whisky pouring machine to encourage people to slow down and appreciate that some things in life can’t, and shouldn’t, be simplified.

The groundbreaking Rube Goldberg-inspired machine pushes the limits on how to serve whisky and features original, upcycled parts from Strathisla distillery in Scotland – the home of Chivas. The bespoke machine has been crafted to represent integral parts of the whisky making process: fermenting, distilling, maturation and blending. After dropping a metallic ball into a copper pipe to kick-start the process, the machine’s hand-crafted parts work seamlessly together to take the ball on a complex journey through a series of lifts, spirals and counter-leavers – and finishes by pouring two perfect glasses of whisky.

Sandy Hyslop, Director of Blending at Chivas, said: “Too often in today’s busy world, we are tempted to choose the easy route or shortcut. One thing I’ve learnt during my 35 years of blending Scotch is that it takes time and effort to bring together the many components of a great whisky to ensure they work seamlessly as one. Our elaborate machine takes 85 seconds to pour two serves of whisky – a nod to the 85 flavour notes found in every drop of Chivas 18. And that’s why I love it – it’s fun, but it also reminds us to slow down and appreciate the time, craft and skill required to create the more complex things in life.

The multi-award-winning Chivas 18 was originally created in 1997 and 21 years later is still crafted to the same secret recipe. The whisky pouring machine arrives alongside the reveal of a new vibrant packaging design for Chivas 18, with rich colours and luxurious textures befitting one of the world’s most loved blended Scotch whiskies.

Whisky lovers in London can head to Oval Space during the evening of Thursday 28th June 2018 to try the machine for themselves and share a whisky with friends during the Chivas Masters 2018 Global Cocktail Competition.

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