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Be Your Own Mixologist On World Gin Day

Caorunn, Scotland’s leading handcrafted gin, is inspiring gin lovers to ‘think outside the glass’ on World Gin Day and create their own cocktails with the online launch of The Caorunn Cocktail Collection.

In a bid to inspire cocktail creativity amongst gin lovers, Caorunn have partnered with the drinks connoisseurs, The Diffords Guide, along with over 500 bartenders to create an exquisite guide and collection of cocktails. The Caorunn Cocktail Collection will be available online at in time for World Gin Day.

The cocktails have been created by leading mixologists from across the world, from some of the world’s leading cocktails bars, from London to Singapore and New York. Each cocktail is easy to make and is accompanied with expert knowledge, insight on balancing flavours and simple to follow tips.

Simon Difford, founder of the Difford’s Guide, selected each cocktail alongside Carounn’s Master Distiller, Simon Buley.

Simon commented: “We had over 200 cocktails submitted with entries from around the world and it was good to see how both Scotland and the Scottish botanicals in Caorunn influenced these recipes – even those submitted by bartenders in countries far away and who have never visited Scotland. The aim of the book is to inspire people to have a go at making gin cocktails and creating their recipes. The cocktails selected to appear in the book have a broad range of styles and flavours and are suited to different drinking occasions.

Carounn’s Master Distiller, Simon Buley is extremely enthusiastic that gin lovers across the UK will have an opportunity to learn and experiment with Caorunn: ‘Every day, worldwide, thousands of gin cocktails are conjured up, from new takes on the classics to more diverse fusions. But sadly, many of these creations are fast forgotten, which is why it’s great to be collaborating with the Diffords Guide so we may bring to life and importantly, also record some fantastic Caorunn cocktails which have at their very heart our patient craftsmanship.’

All of the drinks created for the Cocktail Collection show an empathy for Caorunn’s story of Scottish craftsmanship, which sees its distinctive local botanicals, including Coul blush apple, heather, dandelion, bog myrtle and rowan berry act in harmony with traditional gin ingredients and unsullied Scottish water. A taste which has helped the gin grow year-on-year to become one of the top five super premium gin brands within the UK* and is today celebrated by judicious drinkers.

Caorunn Gin lovers are encouraged to follow the creative process behind the book, and indeed share their recreations of the finished cocktails via the social media hashtag, #HighFiveToGin which refers to the five botanicals inherent in the gin, and the five sides of the sleek Caorunn bottle.