Celebrate World Gin Day with Foxdenton Estate Gin

Saturday 9th June is World Gin Day, to mark the renowned occasion Foxdenton Estate Gin have released their newest flavour for summer – the refreshingly crisp lemon and cucumber

The newest flavoured gin launches in the redesigned Foxdenton bottles, same great gin now beautifully reimagined.

World Gin Day celebrates the increasingly popular spirit, first invented as ‘Genever’ by the Dutch in the early 1600s. English soldiers first encountered Genever while fighting in Holland during the ‘30 years’ war in Europe. The Dutch juniper flavoured grain spirit was given as a morale booster before battle, hence the expression ‘Dutch courage’.

Foxdenton Estate pride themselves on their traditional fruit gin liqueurs, made from English fruit and compounded in Buckinghamshire using natural botanicals. This World Gin Day, Foxdenton announce their newest (limited edition) flavour, created for the summer season and debuted in redesigned bottles.

Lemon & Cucumber is the newest Foxdenton Gin Liqueur. A limited edition for the summer, Lemon & Cucumber is fantastic fresh and light summer drink. Ideal mixed with either Tonic or Sparkling Elderflower, crisp Lemon gives way to the fresh flavour of Cucumber. Foxdenton’s latest summer drink is a great addition to any bar and can be created into and is ideal for creating timeless cocktails.

We’ll drink to that!