Join Gin Journey’s Exclusive Events In London & Manchester

Discover Gins From Around The Globe In Celebration Of World Gin Day Thursday 7 June – Sunday 10 June

On Saturday 9 June, the country will be celebrating World Gin Day. Considering the UK’s insatiable thirst for gin – sales of which have been projected at a record-breaking £2 billion this year – the guys at Gin Journey are officially declaring it World Gin Weekend.

In London, Gin Journey has partnered up with Cask Liquid Marketing from Thursday to Saturday to create a one-off, very special gin journey that will showcase some of the best gins from around the world. Looking to Manchester, one of Gin Journey’s most popular locations, guests will feast on some of Manchester’s finest breakfast plates alongside exclusive gin cocktails in honour of the first Gin Journey Brunch hosted at The Bagel Shop, Eat New York.

Booze ‘N’ Brunch

It’s a well-known fact that Brits love gin but also believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, weekend brunching was one of the biggest trends of 2017 with over 13m pictures uploaded to Instagram. Therefore, partnering the population’s two great loves felt like the perfect way to celebrate World Gin Day. Kicking off at 2pm, the exclusive Gin Journey Brunch will start at Manchester’s newest private members lounge Daisy NQ where guests can savour a Japanese Negroni made with Kuro Gin, Plum Sake and Campari. Next up is The Bagel Shop, this will be an extended stop where guests will tuck into their pre-ordered brunch – from an All Day Breakfast Burger – quarter pounder, sausage patty, bacon, fried egg, hash brown, burger cheese, chipotle mayo and ketchup – to a Corn Cake and Avocado Stack – avocado, house corn cake, grilled tofu and marinara served on lightly toasted rye – all served alongside a Three Rivers Red Snapper – local Manchester Three Rivers Gin with spiced tomato juice and rickles (fried pickles for those not in the know). The route will continue on to the Northern Quarter’s Patron before making its last stop at Rosylee with a classic Gin Mare and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic.

So to recap, you’ll receive five brunch cocktails, five gin samples, one incredible brunch (American style!), private transfers from each bar all for £59 – book now at Eventbrite via

Around the world in 5 Gins

With a portfolio of hand-picked luxury gins, Cask Liquid Marketing has partnered with Gin Journey to create an exclusive route across London to celebrate its incredible collection of gins from around the world. The tour will include 5 samples of gin, including the Mediterranean inspired Gin Mare, Silent Pool from the home county of Surrey, London’s Cremorne Gin and Ki No Bi – a fine Japanese gin. Discover each spirit’s unique flavour profile and the range of local ingredients used to craft each liquid at 5 amazing venues in London – all the while being chauffeured from bar to bar where you’ll taste fascinating cocktails, each with their own story to tell.

Tickets available from Eventbrite. To book your tickets for this unforgettable experience now via