Flims: The Swiss Adventure Destination for Summer

A Hidden Gem in the Swiss Alps

Located only 140km from Zurich (1hr 30mins drive, or 2hrs by public transport) Flims offers some of the most stunning scenery; no less than 3 beautiful mountain lakes, as well as the 400m deep Rhine Gorge (also referred to as Switzerland’s Grand Canyon) and the soaring peaks of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona. Land and water-based activities and a wide range of accommodation appease all tastes.

Boasting 250km of hiking trails to explore, and 330km of mountain bike routes, the region of Flims is a truly magical summer destination for all; from adrenaline junkies to nature-lovers, families and couples, Flims has something to discover for everyone.

With such unique natural wonders on its doorstep, Flims encourages maximum enjoyment of the destination, with a helpful new app for summer 2018, as well as a pioneering eco-initiative called ‘Greenstyle’ to ensure sustainable tourism and protection of the local environment. Furthermore one of 3 of Switzerland’s UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites, the Tectonic Arena Sardona, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Activities in Flims

Flims is home to some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, which can be explored by marked hiking routes (both gentle or challenging) or on mountain bike, taking visitors past several natural wonders. There are opportunities to hike along craggy rock formations, have a BBQ or dip your toes in the turquoise waters of Lake Cauma or Lake Cresta, or even try some watersports such as paddle boarding and canoeing. Further up the mountains, you can also find the unique ‘Glacial Mills’, natural pools where you can refresh with an icy dip. Visitors can also sample delicious local cuisine along the paths including specialty grills, rustic cheeses and freshly-baked breads with glorious mountain views. The culinary trails are specially-curated and allow hikers to enjoy a dish at a selection of pre-arranged restaurants during their hike.

The region also plays host to exciting events throughout the summer season, including the famous “Flimserstein Alpabzug” in September 2018, when the mountain cows descend from their lush pastures down to the valley, accompanied by traditional music, a local fairs market, funfair and more – a real traditional Swiss experience.

UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona 10th Anniversary

With only 3 UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites recognised in Switzerland, the Tectonic Arena Sardona in Flims is extremely unique and guaranteed to delight geologists. The site spans 32,800 hectares and is one of few locations in the world where visitors can actually see how mountains are formed, with a clear line showing two separate tectonic plates coming together. To celebrate the anniversary of the site a series of entertaining events will take place during summer 2018.

Accommodation in Flims and the surrounding region

Flims offers a wide range of accommodation options, from camping, to serviced campsites and camping pods. For a more unique and ‘off-the-grid’ experience, hike to the ex-Military Mountain Hut on the Segnespass, where they offer (very!) basic, yet exhilarating accommodation on the side of the mountain. Hotel options are abundant and include the luxury rocksresort apart-hotel.

See www.flims.com for further information