London’s Chocolate Mastermind Launches World’s First Duck à l’Orange Caramel

Paul A Young creates another innovative chocolate delight

Paul A Young, the creative genius behind Chocolate Week’s Beef Dripping Caramel and the sell-out Goose Fat Caramel last Christmas, is launching the first ever Duck à l’Orange Caramel this Spring.

The silky smooth caramel has been created with French duck fat and layered with tangy confit of clementine in a shell of Guittard 38% Soleil d’Or milk chocolate. The addition of the mouthwatering clementine confit, which has been slow cooked in Billington’s unrefined cane sugar, brings the classic flavours of this combination bang up to date with a truly modern twist.

Paul says “My fascination with caramel and fats led to my successful Beef Dripping Caramel and Goose Fat Caramel launching in 2017. As a classically French-trained chef Duck à l’Orange was a significant part of my training, so my new chocolate is a nostalgic look back to 1989, when I first tasted it. I’ve reimagined the classic by adding a confit of clementine layer to the smooth duck fat caramel. It’s sweet, salty, fruity and savoury… a perfect balance.

  • Available at Paul’s three London chocolateries.
  • Price: 1 chocolate £2, 4 piece box £7.00, 9 piece £15.50, 16 piece £26.00, 25 piece £40.00