East Meets West: The Love Child of Sushi and a Sandwich

New Food Concept Norigami Launches in London

Looking for a tasty, on the go, healthy lunchtime choice that can satisfy your taste buds and your dietary requirements? Born out of a passion for taste and health, Norigami (www.norigamihq.com) fuses together the best of east and west in one handful that’s gluten, lactose, nut and wheat free. Norigami’s rice sandwiches will be available to savour at their official launch pop up in Sourced Market, St Pancras from 30th April to 11th May 2018, with more planned across London throughout the year. Norigami will also launch its lunchtime online delivery service to cater for London’s hungry workforce starting with East, South East and Central London.

Founded by food lover and traveller Arthur Liegeois, the concept was inspired by global street food trends and the Japanese ‘sandwich,’ Onigirazu, made by mothers for their children, combining tradition, taste and practicality. Influenced by the finest global flavours, Norigami offers an unusual blend of tasty fillings and surprising combinations which are delicately wrapped in premium white sushi rice with gluten free rice vinegar and nori seaweed.

Norigami launches with a concise menu as it further develops its range, and each whole piece is priced at £4.99 or mix and match at £2.99 per half portion.

The Vegan Curry – spicy potato curry, onion and spiced pickled carrots, coriander and parsley combine in this Sri Lankan inspired creation, promising a spicy kick for the taste buds!

The Miso Roasted Salmon – paying tribute to its Japanese roots, this delicious blend of miso and sesame seed marinated salmon, crunchy pickled cucumber and green beans provides a layer of taste with each bite.

The Egg Chorizo – this crowd pleasing Spanish inspired recipe offers an unusual combination which works really well! The bold taste of chorizo is heightened by the sweetness of red onion and the subtlety of the egg.

The Chermoulah Chicken – with marinated chicken, sweet and sour red cabbage and spinach leaves, every bite promises a taste of Morocco. It combines the freshness of herbs, spices and tomato pulp with a kick of lemon.

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Norigami sources only the finest ingredients and requires at least 72 hours’ notice for lunchtime orders to the office. Delivered straight to the office, Norigami is first focussing on East, South East and Central London locations and there will be a minimum order of 12 pieces per recipe.

Visit the Norigami pop up at Sourced Market at St Pancras International Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QP between 30th April – 11th May 2018, from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

Order your lunches online by visiting https://www.norigamihq.com/