German National Tourist Board Celebrating ‘Culinary Germany 2018’

New Recipe Website on from German National Tourist Board

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The German National Tourist Board has launched a new microsite on with free downloadable recipes, providing a tempting itinerary of regional food specialities across Germany’s 16 Federal States.

If you’re heading to Germany this year for a holiday, make sure you get to know Germany’s diverse and delicious cuisine. From Brandenburg’s Pear Cake with a mousse cream topping, to the traditional Thuringian sausage seasoned with marjoram, caraway seeds and garlic (and made to a 600 year old recipe, now protected), the GNTO is celebrating culinary Germany throughout 2018 and there is plenty of inspiration to be found on . As food tourism becomes ever more popular, who would have known that Berlin is the place to be for vegan food (and currently styling itself as the vegan capital of Europe)? Or that the Saxony-Anhalt region has a special soup for newlyweds? Head to Bremen and Hamburg for fish specialities, the coastal region of Schleswig Holstein for vegetable stew (ham optional) or to North-Rhine Westphalia for the mouthwatering Christmas gingerbreads known as ‘Aachener Printen’. Recipes for these and other specialities can be downloaded from

Beatrix Haun, director of the GNTO UK and Ireland said: “Almost nothing else says more about a country and its people than the national cuisine and associated traditions. German food is diverse, cosmopolitan and offers something for all tastes. You can explore local, affordable family run inns, or choose from Germany’s 300 Michelin Starred restaurants; try the delectable seasonal delicacies such as white asparagus and there are hundreds of regional bread variations! Plus, Germany’s restaurant scene and buzzy food markets are going through an exciting period of innovative ideas and new twists on traditional favourites”. The year-end statistics for international, incoming tourism to Germany throughout 2017 showed a record rise for the 8th year in a row; the UK has registered a rise of 0.5% measure in overnight stays and 2017 saw 4.6% for visitors from Ireland (compared to 2016). City Breaks remain one of the most popular reasons for travel to Germany and trying local food specialities one of the most popular pastimes for visitors. Beatrix Haun added: “there are plenty of ideas for destinations, places to go and things to see in Germany – and of course the regional foodie favourites, with superb local wine and beer – to be found on”.