All natural, all organic VerMints

Peter Morrell enjoys the unique flavours of these healthy, breath cleansing pastilles

We live in world full of fakes. Fake news, fake friends – fake mints. VerMints’ tasty and true tins of all-natural and all-organic mints are here to rescue your breath.

Available from Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods, VerMints are 100% good – good for you, good for the planet. They have turned their back on nasties like chemicals and sweeteners and instead seek out the very best plant-derived sugars – organic tapioca syrup, organic maple syrup and organic cane sugar.

The gluten-free, nut-free, vegan and kosher-friendly mighty mints come in a variety of natural flavours. From the refreshing favourites, PepperMint and Wintergreen, to the more adventurous GingerMint and Cinnamon, each flavour is a breath of fresh air! After an organic and super tasty sweet treat? Try out VerMints Chai and Café Express pastille flavours. Packed full of the natural goodness you’d expect from VerMints, these flavour-powerhouses are perfect for that afternoon feel-good moment.

Packaged in a purse or pocket friendly retro-style tin, VerMints are at equally home in your handbag for that last-minute freshen up, in your briefcase before a client meeting or in your kids’ backpack as they head off for an adventure. So be good to your body and banish the boardroom gum, sling out the artificial sweeteners and ring in the reign of honest, organic, natural mints – VerMints.

Peter Morrell comments “VerMints are absolutely delicious and with totally unique flavours, I liked the mountain air effect of the PepperMint and the Wintergreen but it was the more exotic flavours which are really intriguing. The Cinnamon one leaves a pleasant glow in the mouth as does the GingerMint. The Chai flavour is very subtle, my out and out favourite was the Cafe Express which had the satisfying taste of a cappuccino. These are a great set of pastilles that are deliciously different

Quick Facts
  • RRP: £2.99 (40g)
  • VerMints are available from Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods
  • VerMints are proud to only use organic certified ingredients
  • VerMints use no animal products, making them vegan friendly
  • VerMints are gluten-free and fat-free
  • VerMints contain no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours