Get a taste of Costa Rica on International Coffee Day 1st October

The country with the “best coffee in the world” according to Pope Francis

Coffee plays a pivotal role in the Central America country of Costa Rica. The nation is currently the 13th largest producer of coffee in the world, employing over 70,000 farmers who churn out around 1.5 million bags every year. Costa Rica is also the only country in the world where it is illegal to produce any type of coffee other than 100% Arabica (the highest quality of coffee beans), encouraging farmers to pursue true excellence!

Costa Rica’s top 3 coffee experiences

1. Take a coffee tour on the grounds of Costa Rica’s first eco-lodge
As well as being the country’s first eco resort, Finca Rosa Blanca boasts 30 acres of high-quality hard bean Arabica coffee plants. The lodge’s daily guided tour offer visitors can immerse themselves in the smells and tastes of freshly roasted organic Costa Rican coffee whilst learning all about this coveted bean, from its origin to harvest. Finca Rosa Blanca is located 20km away from the capital city of San Jose.

2. Revitalise your body with a coffee treatment in San Jose

The spa at the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose offers an original “Costa Rican Coffee Scrub” treatment which uses all-natural, organic coffee. The treatment combines the stimulating and antioxidant properties of the coffee bean to revitalise and rejuvenate the body. All coffee used comes directly from the property’s 30-acre coffee plantation.

3. Join the locals at Costa Rica’s annual “Coffee Fair”

Taking place in the town of Frailes, located 30km away from San Jose, the “Feria del Café” (Coffee Fair) is a popular event attended annually by coffee pickers, retailers, visitors and everyone in between. As well as tasting freshly roasted coffee and being entertained with local music and dances, visitors can take part in a coffee picking competition and experience the election of the “coffee queen”. The next event is taking place 25-28 January 2018.

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