Make Moonshine in a Speakeasy

America’s First Prohibition Museum in Savannah

The only museum in the USA dedicated to the story of Prohibition has opened in the city of Savannah in Georgia. The American Prohibition Museum is not your typical ‘dry’ museum and tells the story of the era from gangsters to rum runners and the most infamous troublemakers.

In the interactive museum, which features 20 intoxicating exhibits, visitors will learn about Savannah’s role during the 1920s and 1930s and how it became known as the “Bootleg Spigot of the South”. The museum leaves no glass empty as it explains the Temperance Movement and the propaganda used to vote America dry, the turbulent consequences of the passing of the 18th amendment, and even how the role of women changed because of the legislation.

The highlight of the museum is visiting the authentic speakeasy, only accessible by password, where the bartenders teach visitors how to make classic Prohibition cocktails whilst revealing the history behind every pour.

Entry to the museum costs £9 per adult and £7 per child aged 4-12. Tickets include entrance to the speakeasy and with a valid ID, a drink ticket can be purchased for £6.

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