PizzaStorm’s new salad offering

An exciting new concept from this innovative pizza restaurant

The create your own pizza restaurant, based in Wandsworth Southside Centre, is an exciting concept and offers fast, fresh and most important custom made stone-baked pizzas in super-quick time using a 900 degree oven. The restaurant offers over 50 unlimited fresh toppings to choose from, which equates to over a million different combinations.

This summer, PizzaStorm have added salads into the mix, with guests being able to choose from mixed leaf, rocket, romaine or iceberg lettuce as the base and then as many toppings as their heart desires. Toppings include a selection of cheeses from mozzarella, gorgonzola and ricotta through to vegetables of slow roasted tomatoes, olives, artichokes and a wealth of meat including Piri Piri Chicken, ham, tuna and BBQ pulled pork. Diners can then choose to finish their salad with a selection of dressings.

PizzaStorm 4 Garrat Lane, Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth SW18 4TF
Tel: 0208 877 0697