Celebrate Father’s Day with Elizabeth Shaw & Caorunn Gin

Give your Dad a luxury gift he will enjoy on his special day

Here are a couple of gifts that your Father will really appreciate on his special day of the year

Elizabeth Shaw Famous Names Signature Collection, £5.99

These classic chocolates are made to a unique recipe, ensuring a silky liquid centre and luxurious taste. Beautifully presented and individually wrapped, we use some of the world’s most famous liqueurs: Cointreau®, Courvoisier® VS Cognac, Harveys® Bristol Cream®, Irish Cream, Lamb’s® Navy Rum and Teacher’s® Blended Scotch Whisky.

Elizabeth Shaw Famous Names Collection, £5.99 from Tesco

Caorunn Gin RRP £27

Caorunn is a small batch, quadruple-distilled Scottish Gin personally crafted in the Scottish highlands by their very own Gin Master, Simon Buley. Using locally forged Celtic botanicals on the hills around Balmenach Distillery, Simon expertly oversees the infusion of Caorunn in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber.

Caorunn Gin, £27 from Sainsburys

Peter Morrell, food editor of AboutMyGeneration comments

I have sampled both the chocolates and the gin. The Famous Names Signature Collection is delicious, bite in to the smooth chocolate and out pops your favourite spirit or fortified wine – a real treat.

On the nose Caorunn gin presents strong juniper aromas and is similar in style to a ‘London Dry’ It’s on the palate that the Scottish sourced botanicals really start to strut their stuff. Rowan berries, heather, apple and other herbs combine to give it a unique flavour. The finish is crisp and dry and it’s this second characteristic which makes it a good candidate for a martini.