A Brand New Gluten-free Service is coming to London

DINNERGISE is a brand new food tech business delivering restaurant quality gluten-free meals using cutting edge software

DINNERGISE is a high-end, healthy and gluten-free dinner delivery service is launching in Canary Wharf on Monday 22nd May.

The Founders

Father and daughter duo Colly Myers, global IT industry leader (formerly MD Psion Ltd, CEO Symbian, Founder & CEO AQA), and Nicola Myers, an expert in gluten-free living, have joined forces to combine their skills to fill a gap in the gluten-free dinner delivery market.

Nicola’s experience of gluten-free living, and Colly’s 44-years of experience developing software combine to create a food-tech business delivering gluten-free, restaurant-quality dinners for office workers to eat when working late.

The Menu

Nicola, who is non-coeliac gluten sensitive and passionate about delicious food, has developed seasonally-changing, gluten-free dinner menus. All dishes are made fresh to order in a gluten-free approved kitchen.

For main courses, expect the likes of Pork Loin, Slaw and Asian dressing (pictured); Jerusalem Artichoke, Beetroot & Orange Salad (pictured); Pesto Pasta with Mixed Cherry Tomatoes. Savory and sweet snacks include Beetroot Hummus, Coconut & Cashew Panna Cotta (pictured) or Apricot Oat Cookies.

For convenience, customers may order the next morning’s breakfast at the same time as dinner, refrigerating it at the office overnight or taking it home. Breakfast dishes include Apple & Cinnamon Overnight Oats and Tomato & Cheddar Frittata with Tomato & Beetroot Chutney.

Packaged to order for each customer in elegant custom packaging, and transported from the Dinnergise kitchen in East London in cool boxes, all dinners are delivered chilled. Those intended to be served hot come with microwave instructions.

Deliveries to Canary Wharf arrive within 45-60 minutes.