Ping Pong’s new Innocent Indulgence Menu

Appease your Inner Saint whilst exploring your Inner Sinner

From the supercharged Super Colada to the goody-goody Purple Power Salad, discover Ping Pong’s new collection of nootropic cocktails with a kick and feel-good food

Ping Pong’s limited edition #InnocentIndulgence Spring collection is not for the faint-hearted. With a menu boasting a variety of superfood dishes and supercharged drinks, you’re sure to find those powerful antioxidants or that cocktail that packs a punch. Inspired by the ancient Yin Yang principle that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary, this explosive menu brings together a little of what you fancy and a little of what you need. Available now across all nine restaurants, savour the nutritious stuff without compromising on the good stuff – from nootropics and minerals to skinny prosecco and fried small plates. That’s what we call #InnocentIndulgence.

Powerhouse Serves

Ping Pong is embracing healthy hedonism with its range of deliciously clean, well-being drinks but not without a selection that have a somewhat hidden naughty side.

From the Booster Juice (£4.45), an impressive combination of the original health hero wheatgrass and the new kid on the block DMAE – a natural ingredient that boosts memory and skin elasticity – to the Think Pink (£4.45), a blend of DMAE and Brhami – one of the best all-round tonic herbs that promotes brain health – with fresh raspberries and lime juice, we know you want in.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more bite, look no further than the Super Colada (£7.50). With its creamy green colour, this must-try serve is made with the ever-popular alligator pear – the avocado – with a hint of coconut cream and Matcha Green Tea, perfectly balanced with Barcardi Carta Blanca Rum. Yes please.

To discover the complete collection, including the Sober Absinthe mocktail (£7.50) using the alcohol and hangover free gin Seedlip to the waistline-loving Skinny Prosecco(£34.95 per bottle) book your place at the bar now.

Ping Pong mixologist, Daniele Ziaco, says: “This limited edition menu was designed to bring together the traditional and new superfoods and ingredients in a balanced way that would showcase both cocktails and mocktails in a fun and innovative fashion”.

Wholesome New Plates

To complement the contemporary new drinks menu, the #InnocentIndulgence collection also flaunts a new selection of dishes. From the I-can-do-no-wrong Rainbow Salad (£4.50) to the Purple Power Chicken Salad (£5.95) with the distinctive rice berry with smoked almond, black eye beans, sugar snap peas and rocket – who said healthy had to be boring. We recommend you keep it balanced though with the Crispy Fried Aubergine (£3.95) – who’s going to know?

For further information, to book a table at Ping Pong and to view the full #InnocentIndulgence collection visit