The Magic of a Shopkins Dress

Chris Hurley wins lots of Brownie points with this irresistible gift for her grand-daughter

Shopkins dress-1

Shopkins Dress

Detail on Shopkins Dress

Detail on Shopkins Dress

Shopkins Dress 2

Maia in her Shopkins Dress

Even if you have not heard of Shopkins, I am willing to bet that your grand-daughters or nieces will know what I am talking about. Let me introduce you to a bunch of characters that have been taking the toy industry by storm.. Shopkins are worshipped by little girls around the world and my grand-daughter, Maia, is no exception.

These collectable little characters are all inspired by a regular grocery shop, in miniature size, with a variety of different shopping themes. From food and drink, to accessories and household appliances. Items you might have just seen as boring objects, are now brought to life with cartoon like caricatures. I know, because Maia delights in telling me the names of every single one and, as one of her favourite pastimes is swapping figures with her friends, her ever expanding collection is constantly changing.

Knowing how much she loves playing with Shopkins I was certain she would be thrilled with the opportunity to wear them, so when I saw the Shopkins Skater Dress I just had to get it for her.

When it arrived in the post, Maia’s face lit up with a huge smile. In an instant I knew we had a big success on our hands and to prove the point she slipped it on straight away and started twirling around the garden.

She just couldn’t wait to show her friends and told me with huge enthusiasm ‘I’m going to wear this to school on own clothes day’. Truth is she has been wearing it every single day since along with the big smile. Just as well the dress is easy to wash and fast-drying.

It’s really well designed and very colourful as well as being jam packed with Shopkins characters. Last time I saw Maia she had teamed it with fuchsia leggings and it looked really stylish.

Our Maia is incredibly fussy when it comes to what she wears so I am delighted that I have got this so right. And as she is proudly showing it off to all her friends, it’s done wonders for my street cred too!

The Shopkins Girl’s Skater Dress is available from Noisy Sauce for £14.99. In sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 years. In my opinion the sizes are on the small side. Maia is not yet 6 years old but the size 7/8 was a perfect fit.

If you have a special little girl in your life with a birthday coming up I am sure she would be delighted with this really cute and colourful dress.

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