New research for Bausch + Lomb Eye Care

Our use of digital screens has increased by 42% in the last five years, so it’s not surprising that our eyes are taking the strain

The research reveals that today:
  • 92% of us use a digital screen at work
  • 67% spend over 5 hours on work screens
  • Almost one in ten also spent more than 8 hours a day at work on screens before any personal, social or leisure time on phones, tablets or other digital devices
  • 25.5% said they were expected to constantly be accessible on work emails
  • For 21%, the first thing we do in the morning is check our work email, with 19% reading messages received overnight
  • Around one in six of us also check our work emails on our phone when commuting to work
  • A quarter of us check work emails on holiday
  • Sadly, one in twelve honeymooners check their work emails on honeymoon

Impact of digital work screens on our eyes:

When respondents in the Bausch + Lomb research were asked how their eyes felt at the end of a working day:
  • More than half (56.4%) said their eyes felt tired
  • One in six said their eyes felt blurry
  • 11% said they had trouble focusing
  • 14% have irritated eyes and 10% say their eyes are sore
  • Only a quarter said they had no eye symptoms at all. That amounts to 75% of us saying that our eyes feel the worse for wear at the end of a long day at the screen

To address the demands of our modern digital day, Bausch + Lomb has developed a ground-breaking new contact lens; Bausch + Lomb ULTRA™ featuring MoistureSeal™ Technology, that offers an exceptional combination of comfort, vision and health. This lens incorporates and retains high levels of wettability for a full 16 hours to prevent dry tired eyes as well as the typical blurriness we get after staring at digital devices.

In the first development of its type for almost a decade, the reusable monthly contact lens helps contact lens users embrace digital lifestyle by:
  • retaining moisture for up to 16 hours
  • providing high levels of surface wettability on the lens and preventing dehydration
  • supplying exceptional levels of oxygen transmission
  • providing consistent comfort throughout the day with a tapered edge design
  • reducing digital eye strain throughout the day with spherical aberration control, thereby promoting clearer and sharper vision

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA™ is a monthly contact lens available from independent opticians.