Watching with Dinosaurs

Rooftop Film Club to screen Jurassic Park at Natural History Museum

  • Two screenings of Jurassic Park on the 13th December
  • First screening: 7pm. Second screening: 10pm
  • Take place in Hintze Hall next to ‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus
  • Tickets include free Proper Corn popcorn and afterhours walk through the Mammals and Dinosaur gallery
  • Tickets go on sale 7am Monday 3rd October

Pop-up cinema experts Rooftop Film Club are momentarily descending from the rooftops to join forces with the Natural History Museum to screen 1993’s box office smash Jurassic Park. For the first time ever the Natural History Museum is opening up its Hintze Hall out of hours to screen the epic Jurassic Park with the iconic Dippy the Diplodocus in full view. Start the evening off with a private view of the museum’s Dino Walk then grab some Proper Corn popcorn before taking a seat for Steven Speilberg’s knuckle biting adventure.

Take in the action side-by-side to the best Jurassic date – What could be more iconic than watching Dr Alan Grant lay eyes on the Brachiosaurus for the first time than doing so sitting under the shadow of ‘Dippy’ the Natural History Museum’s Diplodocus.

So join the team as they navigate through John Hammond’s Jurassic Park trying to evade the jaws of an escaped T-Rex, electrocution and other clawed creatures. Relive some of Hollywood’s most iconic scenes including Dennis Nedry’s sticky but deserved ending and ‘blood sucking’ lawyer Donald Gennaro flash in the pan with a T-Rex. This opportunity is a must for any dinosaur fan, as the 292-bone structure who has been greeting visitors for over 100 years, is leaving the Museum this coming January and starting a UK tour in 2018. A blue whale skeleton will be installed in its place.

Preceding the screening is an intimate, out-of-hours walk through the Mammals and Dinosaur gallery so guests can experience the history of their colossal predecessors.

Buckle in for an evening of water rippling, hot pursuits and Jeff Goldblum’s smooth tones on Tuesday 13th December 2016. Rooftop Film Club are taking you back to Isla Nublar.

Book your tickets now before they become extinct:


£32 (very slight obstruction by Diplodocus tail)


Hintze Hall, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD

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