Lawrence of Arabia centenary in Jordan

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In October 2016, it will have been 100 years since Lawrence of Arabia first arrived in Jordan and the centenary of the Great Arab Revolt. The revolt brought about a united Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the young, then unknown, British officer T. E. Lawrence to the country where his military prowess earned him the moniker Lawrence of Arabia.

The Great Arab revolt saw Jordan and its allies fight for their independence against the occupying forces of the Ottoman Empire during World War I, from 1916 to 1918. Bloody battles were fought by rifle and on camelback, including the famous Battle of Aqaba, which eventually led to the overall defeat of the Turkish Empire in 1924.

Throughout his time in Jordan, Lawrence wrote of his war experiences in Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Today, the Hashemite Kingdom is a safe tourist destination offering breathtaking sights and inspiring historical sights to be discovered. Some 100 years later, travellers can follow in the great footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia to uncover their very own great Arab adventure in Jordan.

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To mark the anniversary of 100 years since Lawrence of Arabia arrived in Jordan, Corinthian Tours ( / 020 3583 6089) is offering a 10-day package following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia with desert camping under the stars and a visit the site of Mudawwara where the Hejaz Railway was raided. Guests can also climb to the top of Mount Nebo to survey the land on which these bloody battles were fought and see the house of Sharif Hussain Bin Ali of Mecca in Aqaba.

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For those who prefer to map their own adventure, Cox & Kings ( / 020 3811 0594) offers Lawrence of Arabia experiences with tailor-made itineraries led by an expert professor of archaeology, Dr Faulkner, who has led many T.E. Lawrence excavations in Jordan.

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