Signature Experiences in Canada

Peter Morrell meets some of the people who provide memorable experiences for visitors who want to enjoy the Canadian lifestyle

I was recently at the imposing Canada House which overlooks Trafalgar Square. Looking very spruce after a major refurbishment it was the ideal location to meet representatives from tourism organisations in Canada. It’s these people that give holidays to Canada their unique and vibrant nature.

The experiences they provide are many and varied covering culture, food, adventure and heritage. Here is a summary of the ones I met, I’ve arranged them by geography, going from East to West.

Lighthouse Picnics

Perch on the edge of the Atlantic dining al fresco on a picnic delivered to your own special piece of paradise, and watch the wildlife and crashing waves as you savour the freshly prepared feast.

Celtic Colours International Festival

It’s a unique, fantastic celebration of Celtic music and culture. Listen to world-class Celtic music and discover Celtic cultural traditions at the International Celtic Music Festival. Experience nine days of toe-tapping music, dozens of concerts all over the island, and an immersion into Cape Breton Island, North America’s only living Celtic culture.

Roads to Sea Guided Tours

Marvel at the world’s highest tides! On your Roads to Sea Guided Tour, experience the dramatic rise and fall of the tides at the Bay of Fundy, one of the Marine Wonders of the World. At low tide, explore the unique Hopewell Rocks and discover the natural and cultural history of the area at the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

Village historique acadien de Caraquet

Step back in time and visit a living history museum to discover the vibrant heritage and culture of Acadian life. Immerse yourself in Acadian customs, music and cuisine at Village historique acadien, a recreated village occupied and animated by interpreters in period costumes. Gain an in-depth understanding of this dynamic part of Canadian culture.

Fitz and Folwell Co.

Smell and taste a multi-cultural buffet on a culinary walking tour along “The Main” street of Montréal, Saint Laurent Boulevard, while immersing yourself in the city’s immigrant heritage. Savour the flavours of more than a dozen countries in delicatessens, cafés and food emporiums and get to know locals and their multi-cultural scene.

Sucrerie de la Montagne

Experience a rich French Canadian tradition by visiting an authentic sugar shack and discovering how maple syrup is created the old-fashioned way. Take part in the music and cuisine of traditional Quebecois culture at La Sucrerie de la Montagne, a designated Quebec Heritage Site.

National Gallery of Canada

Go on a cultural discovery of the National Gallery of Canada, an iconic Canadian cultural institution that’s home to the largest and most important collection of Canadian art in the world. Explore the abundance of Canadian art, from early Indigenous work to contemporary painters, reflecting the country’s distinct, diverse culture and identity

Canadian Museum of History

Celebrate Aboriginal culture and journey across 1,000 years of meticulously preserved Canadian history. Explore the architectural masterpiece of the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Grand Hall, and learn the stories of Canada’s founding peoples.

The Culinary Adventure Company

Invite your senses on an unforgettable journey of sight, sound and taste. Embark on a leisurely canoe paddle and beach dining adventure with The Culinary Adventure Company. Meander through the waterways of the Toronto Islands enjoying nature, history and striking views before stopping for a gourmet picnic, featuring seasonal and local ingredients. Return after sunset, and behold a breathtaking urban skyline.

Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh & Muskoka Lakes Winery

Discover fascinating secrets and surprising flavours as you follow cranberries from their native bog to becoming wine. Enjoy a guided tour and tutored wine tasting at Ontario’s original cranberry farm –Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh and Muskoka Lakes Winery.

RCMP Heritage Centre

Experience the life of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer at the renowned RCMP Heritage Centre. Learn about the rich heritage of the world-famous RCMP, Canada’s iconic police force, and how they helped forge a nation. Meet RCMP Mounties and hear their tales firsthand.

Vancouver Foodie Tours

Enjoy your first bite of a gourmet Japanese hot dog. Delicious! Share your pleasure with fellow foodies on a guided walking tour around Vancouver’s downtown core, exploring Canada’s finest street food scene. Get the inside scoop from top truck talent, dip into the very best that the city’s food carts have to offer. Find your new favourite free-range, locally grown curb-side delight.

Strathcona Park Lodge and Outdoor

Immersed in dense old growth forest, you learn to see like an owl, hear like a deer, smell like a bear, touch like a raccoon and manoeuver like a wolf, learning the basics of tracking as you enter a sacred window into the lives of animals.