New AEG ovens add a touch of steam for crispier baking

AEG has launched its brand new range of multifunction single ovens, with every one featuring its new SteamBake technology as standard.

Few things taste better than a slice of freshly baked bread that’s fluffy on the inside, golden on the outside, and still warm from the oven. However, learning to perfect that ideal bake can be a lengthy process. For years, professional chefs have been using the secret weapon that is steam to achieve outstanding results – and now you too can see a better rise when baking at home.

”The sales of steam ovens have grown by a phenomenal 393% in the last three years, and research shows us that more and more consumers are baking from scratch*,” says Sophie Davidson, Head of Product Line Kitchen at AEG, UK & Ireland. “There’s nothing quite like those wonderful sweet aromas, or the taste and texture of a perfectly cooked pastry. With our new multifunction ovens featuring SteamBake technology, everyone can be confident of better baking results, all thanks to a burst of steam during ‘oven spring’, one of the key moments of baking which occurs in the first 10-15 minutes.”

There is no price premium for the SteamBake feature which allows you to achieve impressive baking results every time. AEG believes cooking with steam is the future and simply wants everyone to have the chance to experience just how it can help you to take taste further. The new SteamBake range has received the prestigious Good Housekeeping seal of approval. On its rigorous testing process, GHI says: “Our fresh white loaf was well risen, had a nice even colour and a good crunchy crust.”

How the SteamBake function works:

In addition to all of the fantastic benefits and functions of a multifunction oven, this new range has been designed to accommodate a small quantity of water in the base of the oven for even distribution. You simply pour 100ml of tap water into the shallow well in the oven base, set the oven to “True Fan Cooking” and activate the SteamBake function by pressing the SteamBake button on the control panel. This creates a humid atmosphere during the first 10 –15 minutes of baking, which is an ideal atmosphere for many types of baked goods. After the steam dissipates, dry hot air results in even browning, a crisp golden crust and a bread that is wonderfully soft and fluffy on the inside.

Sophie continues: “With the SteamBake function, everyone can immediately achieve better baking results. Many people associate the benefits of steam exclusively with healthy cooking, but the truth is steam can enhance the taste, texture and appearance of many baked goods, from breads and muffins, to pies, pastries and even Yorkshire puddings.”

Richard Burr, former GBBO contestant and baking author has been using an AEG oven with SteamBake and is a firm convert. Richard comments: “This oven is an excellent addition to any home baker’s kitchen. Bread grows higher, pastry is stronger and Yorkshire puds go light as a feather.”

The AEG multifunction oven range with SteamBake is the perfect introduction to adding steam to your cooking, and complements AEG’s ProCombi and Sous Vide ovens which take steam cooking to the ultimate level.

AEG Multifunction ovens with SteamBake will feature:
  • SteamBake Function that creates an optimum atmosphere for baking
  • ThermiC° Air cooks food evenly thanks to perfect heat distribution.
  • Enamel liners for easy cleaning and Pyrolitic* cleaning options to help get the oven back into perfect shape after use.
  • XXL cavity to cook more food in one go—up to three levels at the same time.
  • MaxiView window with floodlights for improved viewing
  • Up to 13 cooking functions
  • SoftMotion soft close door*
  • Food probe to check the core temperature of your food**
  • A+ energy rating

Available from: June 2016

Prices From £399 to £499

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