OAPs (Older, Adventurous Paradise-seekers) flock to the hot springs of Brazil

Brazil’s waterfalls, spas and cultural retreats make the perfect tropical getaway for the holiday of a lifetime

Following the relaxation around pension rules in the UK last year, British aged 55 (the minimum pension age) and over, have caught the travelling bug and are deciding to venture across the world with some of their newly accessible money.

The research from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) reveals that almost a million Britons are now considering dipping into their pension pots, with taking a holiday or travelling being the most popular option to spend the money on.

59% of those surveyed plan to take a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ and over half (56%) said that they would spend more than usual on travelling. Brining a new meaning to the phrase OAP, these older adventurous paradise-seekers are looking for a destination that will provide them with an unforgettable trip, and where better to visit than a country rife with culture and natural beauty – Brazil.

From hot springs to spa towns, below are some of the must see destinations that Brazil has to offer for a truly illustrious trip.

Caldas Novas – Goiás

Cadas Novas, in the state of Goias, is part of the hot waters region – one of the most popular destinations within Brazil. It is visited by more than three million tourists a year who come in search of the famous hot water that springs from the ground at temperatures ranging from 35°C to 52°C. This unique feature has led to Caldas Novas to be known as the largest hydrothermal resort in the world and is home to 86 active wells, pumping an average of 1,200 m³ an hour.

The waters are one of the earth’s natural paradises and are known for their therapeutic properties. The water’s temperature and chemical composition are renowned for relaxing tired muscles and eliminating stress, along with aiding in digestion and relief for rheumatic diseases.

Caldas Novas is located around 300km from Brasília, which is a nice gateway for travelers who can do a quick stop to see the beauties of the Capital.

Rio Quente – Goiás

Rio Quente, a neighbouring city of the northern Caldas Novas, is another town within the hot water region of Goiás. Over 12 km in length, the ‘City of the Warm River’ is one of the largest river springs in the world. The springs were discovered by Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva, a son of the famous Bandeirante Portuguese settlers in Brazil, in 1722 who were originally searching for gold. Since then people from across the world have flocked to the area to experience this natural phenomenon.

A four hour drive from Brasila and situated within a tropical region, the hot and humid weather reaches an annual average temperature of 28°C. This indulgent heat and the unique healing properties of the hot waters led to Hot Park being opened in 1997. Hot Park, is a water themed recreational area inside Rio Guente resort popular with adults and families and is now the largest hot water park in South America.

Water Circuit in Minas Gerais

Another popular area for older travelers and holidaymakers is a cluster of spa towns knows as the Water Circuit in Minas Gerais. Consisting of towns including Congonhas, Diamantina and Mariana, these areas are quiet and picturesque and popular with visitors who want to see the scenic waters and baths. Each town is centered on a parque hidromineral, a park built around the springs, incorporating bathhouses and fountains. The spas are famous for their medicinal and therapeutic properties and they offer visitors moments of rest, reflection and well-being.

Lodges, hostels and hotels are positioned by lakes and waterfalls to give tourists a relaxing and peaceful stay. For tourists wishing to understand the regional identities of the state, personalised tours of over 50 circuits are on offer. Popular tour choices are ones that focus on the region’s architecture, historical monuments and cultural surroundings.

For more information on tourism in Brazil visit: www.visitbrasil.com