Enjoy a Nordic Christmas this Year

An Alternative Seafood Christmas Feast

Images: (c) Norwegian Seafood Council

For many, turkey will always be top trumps for Christmas, but what about those who fancy something different? Why not take a leaf out of Nordic cuisine and try some seafood alternatives this Christmas.

Home-Cured Norwegian Gravadlax

First off, kick start the celebrations with a traditional home-cured salmon gravlaks (the Norwegian spelling for what we know as gravadlax). It takes minutes to prepare and promises to impress.

Christmas Cod with Chorizo & Pomegranate

Next showcase Norwegian Cod, which is flavour rich but light, healthy and sustainable too, making it the perfect candidate for festive menus. Cod has been featured in Norwegian Christmas festivities for centuries, and still has an important position in the menu for the holidays in many Norwegian homes.

About the Seafood From Norway

In Norway the tradition of fishing goes back thousands of years – today, Norway is one of the world’s three leading exporters of seafood products and is a world leader in sustainable fisheries management. Norwegian fish and seafood are of superior quality, excellent for health and appreciated by consumers around the world.

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