Meantime and Brompton co-create Craft Beer and Bike

Leading craft brewer launch a new beer in collaboration with Brompton Bikes

Meantime Brewing Company has launched a new limited edition Brompton Lager as part of their ‘Make Time for It’ campaign – a craft collaboration with Brompton Bicycle.

The Brompton inspired brew was unveiled alongside a Brompton Bike inspired by Meantime.

The creation of the Brompton Lager celebrates the coming together of two of London’s pioneering craftspeople as part of the launch of Meantime’s ‘Make Time for It’ campaign, whereby Meantime are challenging other craftsmen to create something special over a 6 week period. Each gained inspiration from the other to create both a beer and a bike that embodies the shared principles of the brands, created over a six-week period in keeping with Meantime’s founding principles and something they refer to as the fifth ingredient in their beer; time.

With Meantime maturing their beer for a minimum of six weeks, far longer than many big lager brands, each brew is a perfect balance of flavours that have been allowed to develop and mature – celebrating the care and attention afforded to every keg and bottle of Meantime beer.

The Brompton Lager is a full bodied lager with a complex mouthfeel of fruit, spice and floral notes. An exciting mash up of Hersbrucker and Hallertau German hops give dry spice and fruit and the unusual addition of the American Liberty hop provides slightly floral aromas. The distinctive and quirky deep saturated colour in the beer comes from the use of the Bavarian malt Carahell.

Rich Myers, Marketing Director of Meantime Brewing Company, says: “From day one, time has been at the heart of Meantime – we’re based in Greenwich, the universal home of time, it’s in our name, but most importantly it’s in our beer. We’re bringing ‘Make Time for It’ to life through partnerships with other brands that share our values and take pride in their British crafted products.

Brompton Bikes are an iconic London brand and their passion for their craft is akin to our own. Challenging them to create a bespoke Brompton-Meantime Bike in the same time it takes us to brew a Brompton beer gives us a chance to celebrate all things craft and champion one of our core beliefs that time is as important as any other ingredient we use.”

The Meantime inspired Brompton is an S2L, finished with special and unique componentry that give it great style. The spec is perfect for a London ride, 2 gears and a sporty ride position mean it’s simple and swift, great for beating the traffic or navigating the capital’s backstreets to your favourite pub or restaurant.

Will Butler Adams, Brompton Bicycle CEO had this to say “The Brompton is proudly made in London and takes tremendous skill from our master brazers to produce, all of whom have completed a three year apprenticeship. Quality products take time, time well invested to produce a delightful product.”

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Drinking and Cycling

Along with their shared passion for designing and making products with skilled craftsmen, Brompton Bicycle and Meantime Brewery also have a mutual respect for responsible cycling and drinking. The Brompton bike is made for city living whether commuting, socialising or escaping the city, the folding design makes it ideal for a variety of adventures, so if you’re on a night out you can easily tuck it under a table at a bar and should you decide to enjoy a drink on your night out, then a Brompton bike is the ideal bike as once folded, it can be simply placed into the back of a taxi or your lift home.