The Holland and Barrett Showcase for 2016

Peter Morrell goes to see what this popular health and beauty product retail has in store for us next year

I always like going along to the annual Holland and Barrett product showcase. It brings together a range of their suppliers who are introducing innovative products designed to keep looking younger and feeling fitter. This year was no exception with some exciting new developments to please both young and old.

I started by chatting to the people from Bioglan, they have got a range of solutions for the over 50s. For example they provide a Blood Pressure Formula to help control this condition which many people develop as they get older. Keeping your brain, eyes and heart healthy can be assisted by Bioglan’s Calamari Gold tablets. These days stains are widely taken to control cholesterol but these and the natural ageing process deplete the enzyme CoQ10 which helps heart and muscle function, their Stat-Guard tablets help to replenish this necessary nutrient. Keeping supple makes you look and feel younger and help here is in the form of Osteoactive, a formulation of 6 vital ingredients to support healthy joints. And finally digestion can become more sensitive with age, for this Biotic Balance helps to support the internal flora in your gut.

Middle aged sees the onset of the menopause in females and Promensil offers three different formulations to deal with onset, progression and aftercare.

I took a look at Real Health’s Wholefood supplements, they come in four variations; Men’s Multivitamin, Immunity, Women’s Multivitamin and Energy. One of the range’s big selling points is that are made totally from natural ingredients.

Holland and Barrett themselves have introduced a product range made with different species of mushrooms. For example the Shiitake variant delivers a dose of Vitamin D which will help boost the immune system and like the others have also got other spin off benefits. Also new is ‘Skinny Sprinkles, a strawberry flavoured drink made with water that is taken 30 minutes before a meal. This makes you feel full more quickly and therefore reduces your calorie intake.

For an energy superboost put a teaspoon of alkaline power blend from Honestly Healthy Foods in your favourite smoothie, its ingredients include spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella.

The well respected Linwoods were showing their seed based supplements that you can add to your morning cereal or during baking. Their milled Flaxseed with Bio Cultures & Vitamin D looked very interesting and is one of their ever expanding range.

Before leaving health, a couple of products that help alleviating self-inflicted damage. It’s that time of the year when that extra drink at midnight doesn’t seem like such a good idea at 9:00am. Holland and Barrett have their own brand of effervescent Milk Thistle tablets to help liver function get rid of the toxins and a 500ml drink called Overhang with a secret recipe of herbs will both re-hydrate and detox your system.

Sleep is a major issue for many people and Holland and Barrett offer a range of supporting products to both help you go to sleep and once you are asleep make sure that it is restful and refreshing. Look out for the natural relaxant Valerian to help calm you down and Cherry Active’s Cherry Concentrate which will prolong your sleep.

There was also a lot to help you look good. I was delighted to meet the people from Glasgow based Beauty Kitchen, I met them last year when it was a brand new company. Since then they have gone from strength to strength. They have got some very creative Christmas and Birthday gifts like a Make your own Lip Balm Kit and another one for making Bath Bombs. During the year they have discovered Abyssinian oil, grown in the UK, it forms the base for their extensive range of skincare products. It was also good to see the Dr. Organic range is still going strong with lots of products made with hemp oil.

My final stop on the tour was to chat with Galia from Choc Chick. She has started a company which has created Chocolate Making Kits. This is an ideal present for kids and grand kids. The raw chocolate, ethically sourced from Ecuador, forms the basis of their starter kit. Children will have great fun making the chocolates and the finished product is delicious.

This is just a fraction of the products that Holland and Barrett stock, you can see their entire range by visiting their stores nationwide or you can shop online at