Aquila Children’s Magazine

Patricia Cleveland-Peck asks is this the perfect present for 8-12 year olds?

At this time of year parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends will be looking for something special to give children for Christmas. Just possibly this magazine is the answer. I can remember when I was about nine and aunt in Canada gave me a subscription to a children’s magazine which I liked very much. I think the fact that it arrived by post addressed to me personally was part of the enjoyment as was the fact that the present lasted long after Christmas. It also encouraged my interest in writing – which became my career.

Now I have a bright 8-soon-to-be 9 year old granddaughter who loves to read so I am intending to take a subscription of Aquila for her. My slight doubt was that this would be a rather worthy, educational type present when maybe she would really prefer something more trendy. I have however dismissed this thought because she is already well provided with electronic devices, digital games etc. and although I am fully aware that they are very important to today’s children, I do feel if they can be encouraged to read, explore ideas and do and make things, an effective balance will be achieved.

Aquila which comes out monthly, is dedicated to encouraging children, both boys and girls, ‘to reason and create and to develop a caring nature’. Each issue focuses on a topic: The Victorians, Life on Mars and one I particularly liked The Invisible Issue which covered such things as camouflage and priests holes. There is also a fair amount of scientific and historic information but also plenty of quite fascinating things to make (some quite tricky), word games and quizzes (some of which beat me!) as well as s story and a reader’s page. They aim to publish as many reader’s contributions as ‘quality and space permit’ in the magazine with more on the website. It is all presented with humour and plenty of colourful illustrations.

Aquila which is run by a small independent company has been going for 22 years and has readers in 90 countries and from the letters and testimonials seems to be loved by its young readers. So I am going to give it a go for my granddaughter.

I’d like to offer her opinion here – but can’t, it would spoil the surprise!

Subscriptions £50.00 p.a. Hotline for credit cards subscriptions only 01323 431313

Aquila Studio 2 67a, Willowfield Road, Eastbourne E.Sussex BN22 8AP