Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crunch launches nationwide

The team behind Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling bring you the radical, new Mr Trotter’s Great British Original Pork Crunch

What’s radical about it?

It’s feather-light, crunchy enough to make you smile, lower in fat than conventional scratchings, and yet still has that pluperfect porky flavour you get in Mr Trotter’s pork snacks from using 100% British pigs.

When it comes to making the world’s finest pork scratchings, you need a bit of fat on the skin to give them that particular combination of texture and taste when they’re triple-cooked.

But with this new snack, all the fat is removed before cooking. The result is an array of light, fluffy pieces of Crunch, that need just a dusting of Mr Trotter’s unique seasoning of sea salt and yeast to turn them into Mr T’s Great British Original Pork Crunch.

“Tucking into Mr Trotter’s Original Pork Crunch is a life-enhancing experience”. Says Matthew Fort, one of the Mr Trotter’s team and a Great British Menu judge. “I think they’ll bring a whole new fan base for Mr Trotter’s snacks. We know there are people out there who love that porky flavour, but who find scratchings, well, a bit hardcore. Our all-British Pork Crunch is for them – light as a cloud, crisp as a crisp, marvellously munchy, and porky as only Mr Trotter’s can make a snack. It’s an oinkingly good addition to our range of snacks”.

The Mr Trotter’s range already includes: three Great British Pork Cracklings – Original, Jalapeno and English Mustard flavours; Mr Trotter’s Proper Potato Crisps in Original and Jalapeno flavours; and Mr Trotter’s Great British Chestnut Ale.

Gourmet tips
  • Mr Trotter’s Pork Crunch is the business dipped into lemon mayo or guacamole at room temperature.
  • Mr Trotter’s three Cracklings are a revelation served hot – Take them out of the bag and warm them up for two minutes in a hot oven for the deepest flavour and crunch
  • Dip in gooseberry, apple, or garlic mayo
  • Sprinkle hot on top of fish pie, cauliflower cheese, Brussel sprouts or salads

Available in Selfridges, pubs, farm shops, delis, and garden centres up and down the UK with an RRP of £2.49 per 80g bag. For more information go to

Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling

The original Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling was launched in November 2011, by food writers Tom Parker Bowles and Matthew Fort, farmer Rupert Ponsonby and pork crackling specialist Graham Jebb of RayGray Snacks. Their dream was to create a new interpretation of the scratching, made from 100% British pigs, with no added MSG. Cooked by hand in small batches, Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling delivers a crisper crunch.