Warner Edwards Gin – Great for Christmas and Beyond

So Good, You’ll Want To Drink It Neat

The AboutMyGeneration team have been sampling a gin from the distillers Warner Edwards. They produce a range of honestly crafted, award winning gins without any corner-cutting or compromises. The finest home grown and British ingredients, 11 botanicals and superior grain spirit are distilled for seven hours using a traditional ‘one shot’ method. The result is a uniquely smooth, double gold award winning gins like no other – so good, you’ll want to drink it neat.

Born from friendship between lifelong buddies Tom Warner and Sion Edwards who both have a love of the finer things in life, Warner Edwards brings discerning drinkers everyday luxury as well as a tipple for those special occasions.

The gin is made in a 200 year old barn on Falls Farm in Harrington, Northampton using a German copper still called Curiosity (after the discovery of a cat’s paw print in the newly laid distillery floor). Many of the ingredients are sourced on the farm including the spring water and the elderflowers, one of the key botanicals.

Warner Edwards make four gins and AboutMyGeneration has been sampling their flagship product – Harrington Dry Gin (70cl RRP £35.00)

Firstly the external packaging is excellent, making it ideal as a gift for Christmas or special occasion. Inside is an equally elegant blue glass bottle with wax seal which is covered with a numbered banderole.

It was sampled by two of us on the team and we first tried it neat. We both picked up the floral notes in the nose, juniper was in the mix but not overpowering and there were hints of coriander and orange. Intriguingly the flavour profile changed on the palate. It had a good mouth feel, the gin was smooth, uplifting, highly aromatic and pleasantly dry. There were warm Mediterranean tones which reminded us of rosemary and other herbs. It gave a satisfying, spicy finish which was deliciously persistent.

Tom and Sion are very coy about the full list of botanicals in the recipe but they have obviously worked long and hard to create a lovely balance that has produced one of the best gins we have tasted.

With the James Bond movie very much in mind it was time for a cocktail and it had to be a Martini. A cocktail shaker full of ice, one part Noilly Prat, four parts Harrington Dry Gin. a quick shake, a pour into a flared glass, garnished with an olive and voilà, the perfect Martini. There was an interesting and complementary interplay between the herbs in the vermouth and the botanicals in the gin making it a killer combination

Final verdict – A world class gin that can be enjoyed and appreciated on its own or used as a base to make sophisticated cocktails. This would make a great Christmas or celebratory gift which would be highly appreciated by the recipient.

Also available in the Warner Edwards range

Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin (70cl £38.00)

A captivating spirit that showcases a genuine character of rhubarb whilst allowing the gin to shine through: The perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Gin fact: This gin is made from a plant which originates from Queen Victoria’s very own garden.

Elderflower Infused Gin (70cl £35.00)

This spirit has a fine synergy between bright gin notes and complex elderflower, it’s well-balanced and moreish.

Gin fact: Warner Edwards Elderflower Infused Gin is made with fresh elderflower harvested from the Warner Edwards farms in both Harrington and Wales.

Harrington Sloe Gin (70cl £30.00)

This sloe gin has a true harmony between the sloe berries and a characterful spirit. It is pleasant to sip and savour, with a robust character that will also stand up well in long drinks.

Gin fact: Made in a barn in Harrington, Northamptonshire, infused with handpicked local sloes.

For more information visit: www.warneredwards.com

Warner Edwards stockists

Gin lovers can find Warner Edwards delicious range in local Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Booths stores, as well as good independents.